2013 NFL Draft Review: Dallas Cowboys, Rounds 2-3

By Zack Spears
PSDC Draft Expert

Round 2, Pick 47: Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State

Analysis: The Cowboys successfully confused the hell out of everyone tonight. They selected a late-round grade tight end to back up future Hall of Famer Jason Witten and James Hanna who is coming off of a productive rookie season. The pick was Gavin Escobar a tight end from San Diego State. The rumor mill started on Thursday that the Cowboys were thinking about taking a tight end, sighting that they wanted a tight end that could block. And everyone that knows anything about the Dallas Cowboys were in shock about it, saying that it would be a waste of a pick since Dallas has two very capable tight ends. But the Cowboys pulled the trigger on one in the second round anyways.

You know something is crazy in the draft when the teams’ third round picks are more interesting than the first- and second-round picks. The Cowboys drafted JJ Wilcox, a safety from Georgia State, and Baylor wide receiver Terrance Williams. Wilcox projects to start at safety for the Cowboys this year and possibly help in the return game. Williams grew up a Cowboys fan and knows what an honor it is to wear that Star on his helmet every day. A receiving corps of Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and now Terrance Williams is a great thing for Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo to look downfield at.

In the first round, the Cowboys added an offensive lineman in Travis Frederick to help protect Tony Romo. And with their second-round pick the Cowboys added another weapon and run blocker to the team. Escobar is big (6’5” 7/8 – 254lbs) and plays in the seam behind the linebackers well. I honestly don’t expect to see much of Escobar this year on the stat sheet. Look for him in short yardage situations as an extra blocker and to make appearances on most special teams.

Round 3, Pick 74: Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor

Analysis: I like this pick a lot for Dallas. It seems the last few years that the Cowboys have not only struggled with depth at offensive line, but at receiver too. Miles Austin is always banged up, and last year Dez Bryant finished the year on a broken thumb. It is always good to stock up on talent and depth at a position when you have the opportunity. This pick also solidifies what the Cowboys are trying to do, put more weapons around Romo. With three out of the first picks being offensive players, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett must trust this defense and what Monte Kiffin will do with it. The Williams addition to the receiving corps makes it a big and scary one if the group can stay healthy, which historically speaking isn’t likely. But oh boy Cowboy fans, if they do.

Round 3, Pick 80: JJ Wilcox, S, Georgia Southern

Analysis: The Cowboys have a desperate need for a safety in this draft and selected with a third-round pick a safety from Georgia Southern, JJ Wilcox. Wilcox hasn’t played much safety in his football career; most of his football life has been on the offensive side of the ball. On tape, Wilcox is very athletic and because of that he has a ton of potential to grow into the type of player the coaching staff wants him to be. Having not played the position for very long at all, he doesn’t have any bad habits yet. He will be trained to be a Dallas Cowboys safety in the Tampa-2 system, and it won’t take long to erase any of the old habits he developed playing safety, aince he hasn’t for very long. On film, Wilcox shows that he likes to tackle, and in the Cowboys new defensive system, it requires that the safeties play downhill and make tackles on the ball carrier. Wilcox was also a dynamic return man in college. Look for the Cowboys to try and test him out in both punt and kick off returner. The Cowboys, like every team are always looking for that dynamic playmaker to put back there to field those kicks.

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