5 Things I Learned on Sunday

By Chris Stuckey

1. Steelers Possess the Ugliest Uniforms in the History of the World

Did you see the supposed “throwback” uniforms that the Pittsburgh Steelers were wearing on Sunday? I don’t closely follow the Steelers and as far as I know the blogosphere had not caught wind of the disturbing surprise that was these hideous uniforms. The best way to describe them would be something straight out of the movie “The Longest Yard.” The stripes gave a definite prison look. I’m a proponent of bizarre looks both on and off the field. I can deal with whatever Oregon rolls out every week or even when athletes don the hipster lensless glasses look but the Steelers took it too far on Sunday. Everyone in America should have the opportunity to unsee that Men in Black style.

2. Norv Turner Will Be Fired Soon

Who was lucky enough to not see that Chargers-Browns game on Sunday? I didn’t see much of it but what I did see was a disgrace to American football. I can respect good defense but bad offense just pisses me off. If you’re getting paid to do something, the least you can do is not suck at it. The final score was 7-6 in favor of Cleveland. This game featured under 300 combined passing yards…yes, under 300. It was the type of performance that you would expect from the Browns but not the Chargers. The Chargers are supposed to be a playoff team but it appears that are far from that. It’s time for a change in San Diego. It’s been fun, Norv.

3. Andrew Luck is My Rookie of the Year

You read that right. Andrew Luck is my Rookie of the Year. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some RG3 but Luck has been more impressive in my opinion. The masses have been blinded by RG3’s raw athletic ability while Luck has led his team to a winning record. Luck has been able to do more with less and at the end of the season will have more wins than RG3. I’m not just saying this to get an awesome Christmas gift from Robbie Marbury. I truly believe it. I’m not here to tell you who will have a better career but I can tell you how I’m feeling halfway through their rookie campaigns and I’m telling everyone Andrew Luck is my Rookie of the Year.

4. I Still Think It’s Not Romo’s Fault

It’s an argument that I have every season as a Cowboys fan. The masses join in a collective off with Tony Romo’s head chant. When the Cowboys struggle, it’s Romo’s fault. When the Cowboys lose, it’s Romo’s fault. I understand that Romo throws too many interceptions. It frustrates me as much as anyone. But if you’re going to get rid of Romo, you have to replace him. And that’s not going to be an easy feat. If Kyle Orton is the answer, I don’t want to know the question.

Romo might be one of the Cowboys’ problems but he is definitely not at the top of the list. This team’s problems start with Jerry Jones. He’s the owner and GM that hires and fires everyone. Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett are not capable of being head coaches in the NFL. Garrett definitely shouldn’t be calling plays in the NFL. If Romo had a competent play caller, I bet he wouldn’t be throwing as many picks. Jerry allows these problems to continue.

Yes, the Cowboys suck but it’s not Romo’s fault.

5. The Rust is Off Peyton Manning

Most figured it would just be a matter of time before Peyton Manning returned to a form resembling his pre-neck surgery form. The X’s and O’s guys out there can criticize the zip on his passes over 20 yards or overall inability to throw the long ball but as a layman football fan I see a guy that is completing passes and throwing touchdowns. In fact on Sunday night, Peyton had his fourth consecutive game of 300+ passing yards and at least three touchdowns. That sounds like the Peyton of old to me. He’s almost robotic. I thought the Broncos might be pretenders for a while but now I’m firmly seated on the Broncos bandwagon. The defense that carried the chosen quarterback last season is finally beginning to take last year’s form. In a division as weak as the AFC West, the Broncos seem to be the team to beat.

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  1. 1. The media is going to rip the Eagles. Reid lost his first ever game coming off a bye week and now the wheels are going to fall off the bandwagon. But how good did we expect them to be? Especially after the turnover problems…I think this team is still good, and their record isn’t bad enough to disqualify them yet.

    2. Jeff Fisher is overrated. When he wins they throw him a parade and call him Greatest of All time. When he loses no one says a thing. In my well known opinion Fisher is a .500 coach who gets way too much credit. For God sakes call it what it is! Sub .500 is mediocrity not greatness! People are so blind to what Jeff Fisher really is its ridiculous. Even in Saint Louis they sell Fisher stache’s for fans to wear…NO ONE HAS EVEN NOTICED HE HAS A GOATEE FOR CHRISSAKE!!!!

    3. Good RB’s are extremely overrated/overvalued. Look at starting RB’s this week for teams that won…Alex Green, Michael Turner, McGahee, Ridley (or Vareen), Dwyer, Vick Ballard, Reggie Bush. Rookies Doug Martin and Trent Richardson and then McFadden, Forte, and Bradshaw would be your highlight backs.

    Compare to RB’s on losing team: Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, Ryan Mathews, Jamal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, Stephen Jackson, Shonne Green… Sure, Leshoure, Felix Jones, and a few others aren’t studs…ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY need an elite RB to win games in the NFL, I’m looking at you Tennessee.

    4. London is a really dumb place to have a regular season football game.

    5. What was going on in Danny Amendola’s head as he watched the Patriots destroy his team from the sidelines? There is no doubt he wants to take that Welker role away…

  2. Chris Stuckey says:

    Epic. You need to do more writing for PSDC.

    • Seriously though…no one has noticed the goatee…such a farce.

      if work ever slows down yo…i opened Word today but never had a down moment

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