2017 PGA 3rd Round Recap; Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines, Hanging around the lead

Saturday brings the completion of the 3rd round of the 99th running of the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow in Charlotte. Here’s what we found out about how to expect it to finish…*crickets*.

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2017 PGA Championship Round 2 Recap–Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines — Making the Cut

There hasn’t been such excitement surrounding a rain delay since game 7 of the 2016 World Series.  It started to storm Friday afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina, and like magic, birdies and all manner of hilarity resumed at the 99th PGA Championship.

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2017 PGA Championship Round 1 Recap – Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines–Always Battling For Position

This year’s PGA Championship is being held at notable tour venue, Quail Hollow Golf Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s been a regular stop for years, this is its first stab at hosting a major, however.  There has been a significant redo of the golf course since its last tournament in May, they rebuilt holes and re-grassed the whole golf course in a little over ninety days. A Herculean task, to be sure, and one of the fun features is a sub-air feature underneath the greens that can suck the water right out of them. Thus making the threat of rain through the weekend largely a non-story. The greens today for the first round, are already frighteningly fast. If tournament officials let them get much firmer, familiar cries of unfairness from young millionaires will blather across the twitter-sphere, God forbid these players who no longer play a game that I’m familiar with being challenged by less than comfortable conditions.

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2017 PGA Championship…A Preview

By Joe Hines, Noted Club Pro

The final major of the golf season, the PGA Championship, is coming up this week at Quail Hollow Golf Club in North Carolina. Plenty of subplots pepper the landscape;  a schedule change has just been announced by the tour for this tourney, beginning in 2019 when it will move to a slot in May from its usual August schedule. The goal presumably, is to wrap up the bulk of the competitive season before the start of football season. Golf doesn’t do all that well in ratings, to begin with, so it only makes sense to give it the best opportunity for the most eyes on it. Since the NFL will lead its minions down the path to gape mouthed wonder as sweaty fat men whack each other beginning just after Labor Day, the PGA would prefer to be done by then. And there is still plenty to be had in the silly season between September and April when the Masters reappears on our screens.

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Final Round Birdies and Bogeys and Recap from the 2017 Open Championship

By Joe Hines, Always your champion of the year

If you are reading this, you undoubtedly know that Jordan Spieth is the Champion Golfer of the year, the spoils that go along with winning the Open Championship.

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Open Championship Third Round Recap;l Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines, Noted Mover

The third round of any golf tournament is referred to as moving day. It’s the day when especially at Major Championships, the men are separated from the boys. Though at the tender age of twenty, Austin Connelly could certainly be referred to as a boy, though I would guess he would prefer something a little more dignified, like a young man. Regardless, watching him play this third round of the Open brought back memories of what I was doing when I was twenty. Or the lack of memories, because what I was doing at the age of twenty was being drunk every day. Oh well, live and learn. For the record, young Austin fashioned a 66 to finish the day at -5 for the tournament. Well off the lead, but what the hell were YOU doing when you were twenty? He played like a man today.

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Round 2 Recap from the Open Championship; Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines, I always make the cut

Here’s my chief takeaway from the second round of the Open Championship. Play was suspended for fifteen minutes midway through the round, FOR RAIN!! That’s like saying that the gates of hell have been shut due to excessive heat. Part of the romance of golf on the coast of Great Britain is the image of umbrellas turned inside out while players try to navigate without making dreaded others. So while there were certainly periods of nasty weather, it certainly didn’t reach the biblical proportions that had been forecast. England also has weathermen that struggle with the forecast. Who knew?

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The Open Championship 1st Round Recap; Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines, Weekend Hack

The 146th rendition of the Open Championship (don’t you dare call it the British Open) is being held at venerable Royal Birkdale, where Arnie, Jack, and Tiger have all won before. Who will it be this year? Rory?  We wouldn’t have thought so after 6 holes of his round. Phil? Sorry, he didn’t have a birdie and finished at -3, 8 shots off the pace. Tiger??? Please.

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British Open Preview

By Joe Hines, noted golf aficionado

It’s British Open week golf fans. Or if you are affiliated with the Golf Channel or NBC, the Open Championship. It appears that the powers that be with the Royal & Ancient are getting all full of themselves and channeling their inner Augusta National. No mention of the “British Open” allowed. Violators will be banished to nearby Liverpool for Beatles Museum Tours.

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Day 3 US Open Roundup; Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines, Always playing downwind

The 2017 US Open at Wisconsin’s Erin Hills Golf Club (A public course, by the way, if you want to pony up the 295 bucks)will be remembered for the plethora of low scores recorded here. The stroke average is only a stroke or two below the norm at a US Open, but the players going low are noteworthy. Just Saturday, in the third round, Justin Thomas equaled the low score recorded in Open history with a 63, while shattering the record in relation to par at -9. Johnny Miller’s previous record that Thomas matched was at the Open at the par 70 Oakmont, with 72 the score to aspire to this year at Erin Hills. Patrick Reed fired a 65 which would have been good enough to match the under par record if it hadn’t already been set in the first round by Rickie Fowler. Of the sixty or so players who made the weekend cut, there were 12 rounds of 68 or better in the third round Saturday. But Sunday is another day, and there is a factor we haven’t had the first three days.

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Birdies and Bogeys from Day 2 of the US Open

By Joe Hines Always making the cut

We’ve made it through round 2 of the US Open, and if you aren’t doing anything, pre-tournament picks Jason Day(picked by yours truly) and Rory McIlroy could use a ride home since they won’t be playing this weekend. The experts proclaimed this long, open track as advantageous to those two, among the game’s longest drivers, with ball flight approaching the heavens. As luck would have it, golf is still golf, and as such tends to bite you in the butt, just when you think you have it figured out. Whether watching or playing.

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First round recap, Birdies and Bogeys from the 2017 US Open

By Joe Hines
Noted Duffer

While a winning score for the US Open is often around even par, even over par some years, 2015 Champion Jordan Spieth was asked in a pre-tournament press conference what his opinion of the what the winning total might be. “I could see it going to -5 or -10” offered young Jordan. While we are not quite through day 1, the last groups are just on the final nine as I write, it appears that Spieth will not be one of those approaching such a lofty total. He fired a 1 over par 73 at this year’s test, Erin Hills Golf Club, northwest of Milwaukee in the land of cheese and Major Championship golf courses. In fact, I’m feeling pretty good about putting together my story now, since my prediction of Jason Day as a winner seems to already have derailed. Day is +6 after his first 10 holes. As the saying goes, you can’t win the US Open on Thursday, but you sure as hell can lose it.

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