Bobby Roberts

Name: Bobby Roberts
Height: 6’2

Hometown: Ligonier, IN
Current Place of Residence: Columbus, OH
High School: West Noble
Colleges: Ball State & IPFW

America's white boy.

NFL team: Indianapolis Colts
NBA team: Indiana Pacers
MLB team: Chicago Cubs
NHL team: Columbus Blue Jackets
Colleges: Notre Dame, Kentucky, & Ball State
Athletes: Peyton Manning, Larry Bird, & Adam Morrison (for instant humor)
Sports Moments: The Colts winning the Super Bowl, Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 9 seconds against the Knicks, and the Sosa/McGwire home run race.
Favorite Fantasy Team Name: Nick Swisher’s Tobacco Juice

First sporting event attended: Bruiser Bedlam wrestling when I was 7 years old. I saw Scott Steiner defend the promotion’s belt. This was before he appeared in either WCW or WWE.
Favorite sporting event attended: I attended the 2007 NHL Draft in Columbus, Ohio. It was cool to see Wayne Gretzky & Mario Lemiuex in the same place. This was the year that Patrick Kane was picked #1 overall.

Favorite Beer: Avery White Rascal & Sixpoint Resin (this changes every season)
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: a nice Trappist Belgian Ale
Highest Bowling Score: 277 (I used to be a bowling nerd)
Personal Athletic Highlights: Getting 2nd place in the Ball State bowling tournament.
Finest Moment as a Member of the Media: I ran a music website for years and was able to interview most of the bands that I love. My favorite interviews were System Of A Down, AFI, Millencolin, Reel Big Fish, and New Found Glory.

Personal Highlights As A Douchebag: I came back home after day-drinking with friends. I decided to take a shower and I passed out in the tub. My roommate had friends over and he introduced them to me. He was nice enough to put a towel over my man parts and gave me a pillow.

Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Favorite TV Show: Community
Favorite Musician: Ben Folds
Favorite Album: Weezer’s “Blue Album”

What’s Underrated?: 99 cent Fountain Drinks
What’s Overrated?: Red Bull