Darreck Kirby


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IMG_20170223_191948_590Originally haling from Norman, Darreck has long been entrenched amongst some of the most fanatical sports fandoms. As a creatively driven soul, he moved from hobby to hobby before discovering a passion for writing. Now, as an aspiring author, he strives to become the best storyteller he can be.

Darreck joined Project Shanks in October of 2014 as our Mavs beat writer and would cover numerous games as a credentialed member of the press before unofficially taking a hiatus in late 2015. Returning in early 2017 with a fresh vision, Darreck would take the reins and lead Project Shanks into a new era.

Today, his work can be found all across the site -both in sports and pop culture. Serving as co-host for two of our radio programs on ProjectShanks.com (D&B Radio and Sports Enyi Time), Darreck loves to talk about his favorite teams: the Mavs, Cowboys, Thunder, and Sooners. His writing, meanwhile, ranges from sports to music, film, and gaming. He’s also the lead personality for our new gaming channel on YouTube, Project Shanks Gaming.

In July of 2017, Darreck brokered a collaborative partnership with Law Nation, a popular Cowboys film expert on YouTube. The partnership will see a new wave of original content and cross-promotional work. Law Nation will regularly join Darreck as a recurring guest on D&B Radio and Sports Enyi Time.

You can find all of Darreck’s work here.