Darreck Kirby


Height: 6’0
Weight: 215
Hometown: Norman, OK
Current Place of Residence: Dallas, TX
High School(s) Attended: Flower Mound HS, Norman HS, Norman North HS
College(s) Attended: Oklahoma City Community College, North Central Texas College


Darreck Kirby

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NFL team: Dallas Cowboys
NBA team: Dallas Mavericks, Oklahoma City Thunder
MLB team: Texas Rangers
NHL team: Dallas Stars
Colleges: University of Oklahoma
Athletes: Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Monta Ellis, Dez Bryant, Jason Terry, Steve Nash
Sports Moments: Mavericks 2011 NBA Title, Oklahoma Sooners Sugar Bowl Victory over Alabama Crimson Tide
Favorite Fantasy Team Name: PeteTop/KevinBottom


First sporting event attended: OU/OSU football game in Norman
Favorite sporting event attended: Any Dallas Mavericks game I cover

Favorite Beer: Bud Light Lime
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Jack and Coke
Highest Bowling Score: No clue
Personal Athletic Highlights: Varsity basketball player in high school, scoring 36 in a church league game. That still counts, right?
Personal Highlights As A Douchebag: Does every minute of my general day count?

Favorite Movie: Can’t really pick a favorite but I like a lot of movies.
Favorite TV Show: Psych and the first four seasons of Supernatural
Favorite Musician/Band: Sick Puppies
Favorite Album: Tri-Polar
What’s Underrated? Having time to yourself every now and then.
What’s Overrated? Being like everyone else.
Because I can:

If you were an athlete, what would your walk-up song be? I Wish This Song Was Louder by Electric Six

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