David Parks

Name: David Parks

Height: 6-feet
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Current Place of Residence: Knoxville, TN
High School(s) Attended: Webb School of Knoxville
College(s) Attended: University of Tennessee

Facebook pageDavid Parks
Twitter pageDParks
NFL team:  Bears
NBA team: Grizz
MLB team: Braves
Colleges: UT
Athletes: LeBron, Durant, Megatron, Cam Newton, LeSean McCoy, Votto, Blake Griffin, Ken Griffey Jr.
Sports Moments: Braves winning the 95 WS, Vols winning the first BCS National Championship in 98, Devin Hester returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown in the 2006 SB.
Favorite Fantasy Team Name: Burrested Development (NFL)First sporting event attended: Braves vs. Pirates – 1992 random regular season game
Favorite sporting event attended: JJ Redick’s final college game vs. LSU

Favorite Beer: Dogfish Head 90 Min. IPA
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Gin & Tonic
Personal Athletic Highlights: #1 ranked tennis player in Tennessee in 2007.  KIL PLayer of the year in 2007.  Ranked top 50 in the southeast in the Boys 18’s by USTA.
Finest Moment as a Member of the Media: You’re lookin’ at it.
Personal Highlights As A Douchebag: Anybody ever played tennis competitively?  If so you know what kind of douche I’ve been in the past.

Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints
Favorite TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite Musician: Big K.R.I.T
What’s Underrated?: watching your team’s games on TV instead of going to the game, Nashville, eating breakfast, Twitter
What’s Overrated?: Facebook, ESPN, Kobe Bryant, Cookie dough ice cream, sunflower seeds, gatorade

If you were an athlete, what would your walk-up song be? Epic by Meek Mill & B.O.B.