Reid Kerr

Name: Reid Kerr
Get To Know The Staff Podcasts: Reid Kerr
Height: 5’11
Weight: 215 pounds worth of red meat and sarcasm
Hometown: Carthage, TX
Current Place of Residence: Tyler, TX
High Schools Attended: Carthage, Bonham, Lumberton, Beaumont West Brook
Colleges Attended: Panola College, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler Junior College. I also moved all of my stuff into the dorm at Austin College, but escaped before registration.

Reid Kerr, Champion Of All Bettors

Website: Reid About
Twitter: ReidAboutIt

NFL team: Buffalo Bills
NBA team: Dallas Mavericks
MLB team: Texas Rangers, 1970’s Cincinnati Reds
NHL team: 1998-1999 Dallas Stars
Colleges: University of Texas
Athletes: Michael Jordan, Don Beebe, Johnny Bench, Tony Hawk
Sports Moments: 1980 USA Men’s Hockey winning gold, The 1999 Stanley Cup Finals, The Chicago Bulls NBA Championships of the 90s, the 2000 National JuCo Women’s Basketball Championships
Favorite Fantasy Team Name: The Forney Gators

First sporting event attended: Astros vs Reds in the old Astrodome, 1977. Astros won 2-1.
Favorite sporting event attended: 1999 Stanley Cup Finals

Favorite Beer: Corona
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Whatever Stuckey’s buying
Highest Bowling Score: 276, but that was on a kid’s wristwatch video game in 1980.
Personal Athletic Highlights: Running a 5.55 40-yard-dash for charity at the age of 40.
Finest Moment as a Member of the Media: Being the lead interview on Larry King Live.
Personal Highlights As A Douchebag: Winning a bet with Chris Stuckey and making him dye his hair red on the eve of the Super Bowl, taking a job from a radio station while driving a van from another station that I was using as a moving van.

Favorite Movie: Fight Club
Favorite TV Show: Justified, Community, The Shield
Favorite Musician: Warren Zevon, Butch Walker
Favorite Album: August and Everything After, Counting Crows
What’s Underrated?: Drum solos
What’s Overrated?: Showering with a lover

Walk Up Music: Reel Big Fish, “Sell Out”