Here’s The Thing – 1995, Rich White Dudes And Hooters

By Stephen Thomas (@15Stephen15)
PSDC Funnyman And Brad Pitt Doppelgänger

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I’m Stephen Thomas with Here’s The Thing.

This past Saturday marked twenty years to the day since I first stepped on a comedy stage. As difficult as that may be to believe for some of the ladies who still find me so young and sexy and hip looking, it’s true. A lot has changed since August 1, 1995, and I’m not just speaking of the color of my hair, the breadth of my waistband, or the rapidity with which I become annoyed at younger people.

See, Here’s The Thing; A lot has changed since 1995, and nowhere is that more evident than in the sports world. Some would argue world politics has changed a great deal more than sports, but I look around and see politics still run by a bunch of rich, old white dudes, who try to convince me that the solution to every problem on Earth is to raise my taxes – so I disagree. 1995 was the last year the Detroit Lions went to the NFL playoffs in back to back years, which means it was the year AFTER Hell had frozen over. Remember that? Good times. Twenty years ago, NBA players were still wearing nut hugger short-shorts that in today’s world would only be seen in videos showing what it looks like when men work at Hooters. On this date in ’95, Cleveland fans were unaware of how badly they would be blasted during the upcoming Browns season off the field. Twenty years later, Browns fans are FULLY aware of how badly they’ll be blasted during the upcoming Browns season on the field. In ’95, the most quotable TV shows were Seinfeld and Frasier. Twenty years later, the most quotable TV shows are Seinfeld and Frasier. Hmm… In ’95, Kobe Bryant was one year away from being in the NBA. In 2015, Kobe Bryant is one year away from being out of the NBA. In 1995 two NFL teams left Los Angeles. This year, two NFL teams will likely return to Los Angeles. In both instances, Angelinos were too busy with trendy coffee drinks and alternative sexual lifestyles to notice.

Look, it’s two decades, folks. It’s a long time. It’s also the blink of an eye. It all depends on your perspective. Regardless, a lot has changed. Except for the rich, old white dudes running the planet. Oh, and my love of comedy. It’s been one helluva ride.

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