Here’s The Thing – Larry, Moe, Curly & The NBA Title

By Stephen Thomas (@15Stephen15)
PSDC Funnyman And Brad Pitt Doppelgänger

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I’m Stephen Thomas with Here’s The Thing.

The next round of College Football Playoff rankings are sure to ignite some debate/insult hurling in the sports world that rivals Larry, Moe & Curly at a construction site. (Sorry ladies, I know most of you don’t agree, but the Stooges will never cease being funny) Today though, I’d like to discuss an even more Stooge-esque sports argument, and that is the NBA in November.

See, Here’s The Thing; My main point when people start discussing the NBA with finality in November is this: IT’S THE NBA IN NOVEMBER. Why should we, as fans of this great sport, care about what happens right now? The players don’t even care what happens right now! October & November in the NBA is the equivalent of guys my age doing some stretches before a pickup game at the YMCA – it’s just warmup time. Now, of course these guys are trying to win games – any athlete worth his salt or even his garlic salt wants to win every time they compete – but if you’re seriously going to try and convince me that the effort on Nov 10 is the same as the effort in game 6 of a playoff series in May, I’m going to laugh and point at you like you’re the kid eating glue and peeing his pants in 2nd grade. (His name was Kevin)(It was hilarious) Twitter is full of folks already pronouncing the Warriors or Cavs or Thunder or Spurs champions, and slinging mud at anyone who disagrees. As magnificent of theater as that is, making final judgements on teams that don’t have everyone healthy, are still figuring out their rotations and haven’t even nominated their one guy that Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith will irrationally hate yet is more than kind of silly. By the way, with which Stooges do you equate the First Take guys? Stephen A’s anger makes him my Moe, but is Skip more of a Schemp than anyone else? Now, THERE’S a worthwhile debate.

Look, there is no possible way to know what these teams are going to look like in six months, with injuries, trades, playing time squabbles and Matt Barnes randomly showing up to punch you in the neck. That being said, it’ll be the Cavs one the Warriors in The Finals, and if you don’t think so I’ll make several sexual remarks about farm animals and your Mother. You know, just so I can fit in.

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