Struggling to Watch the NFL

By Reid Kerr / PSDC Offensive Coordinator

I love this game, but sometimes I hate watching this sport.

And I don’t mean I just hate the NFL when I do something stupid like bet on the Texans to win with any quarterback whose name doesn’t rhyme with “Meshaun Botson.” I mean, sometimes the NFL is just hard to watch.

This has been a strange season, my friends. If you’re in Philly, LA, Boston, or Pittsburgh, it’s been a great time so far and you can’t wait for the playoffs. In most other places, this season is a confusing, depressing ball of anger sprinkled lightly with boredom.

Dallas, Green Bay, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and the whole AFC West are suffering through seriously disappointing seasons. Football fans are starting to wonder what else is on television Sunday afternoons, and in some cases, even spending time with their families again.

In the last four weeks, thirty-one of the fifty-seven games were won by double-digits. That means more than half of this last month’s games are blowouts. The NFL is supposed to be full of competitive games, not college football early season SEC-against-Tennessee-Body-and-Fender-U matchups.

Some of these teams are, for lack of a better term, boring snooze-fests. Anybody have any standout moments they’d like to mention from Tennessee or Buffalo? DirecTV should have a special Sunday Ticket package where for an extra fee, you can make sure certain teams never appear on your television. And if they’d expand that program to “Kevin James roles that aren’t ‘King of Queens,’” I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

And some teams aren’t just boring, they’re crushing disappointments. The Chiefs have gone from the runaway best team in the league to flat-out awful. The Broncos have ridden a clown car of quarterbacks to a seven-game losing streak. And the New York Giants are benching two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning for Geno Smith, a quarterback who has been in the league for five years and his only memorable moment was getting punched in the face by a teammate. The Giants couldn’t be more obviously tanking if they started punting on second down. Anyone not in Smith’s immediate family going to be watching the next five Giants games?

The good moments are always so good, they overwhelm the boring ones in our memory. Last year’s Super Bowl, with the comeback for the ages, makes the season a success even though only two of the other ten games were worth turning off “Flip or Flop” for.

Let’s hope that’s where we’re headed because right now, I’m getting tired of every game I watch turning into Browns-Colts.

On to the picks. Last week I went 6-3 picking the games, and 6-2-1 picking against the Vegas odds. My new motto is “Always bet against Cleveland,” which is, I believe, how Warren Buffet made his money.

I’m now 40-36 straight up and 31-42-4 picking against the Vegas odds. Here’s my Thursday night pick. As always, this is for the purposes of comedic discussion only. In all fairness, this column was hastily written while waiting in line at a store to purchase Christmas gifts, which is where I’ve been since last Thursday morning. No wagering, please.

Washington (-1) at Dallas: Here’s what sportsbook review sites like this one has to say about this Thursday nighter. This is pretty much a loser-leave-relevance match, the loser is out of the playoff hunt completely, while the winner get to retain hope for another week or two, which is probably even more disappointing. Still, it’s Dallas and Washington, two fanbases that hate each other with two owners who are finding themselves on the same side of the arguments.
Pick: Cowboys to win it outright.

I’ll be back Sunday morning with the rest of my picks. Good luck everybody.

– Reid Kerr talks a lot, as his wife always reminds him. Reid’s second book, “I Hate It Here: A Love Story,” is out now on You can always tweet questions, comments, and angry messages to him at @reidaboutit.


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