2017 PGA 3rd Round Recap; Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines, Hanging around the lead

Saturday brings the completion of the 3rd round of the 99th running of the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow in Charlotte. Here’s what we found out about how to expect it to finish…*crickets*.

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2017 PGA Championship Round 2 Recap–Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines — Making the Cut

There hasn’t been such excitement surrounding a rain delay since game 7 of the 2016 World Series.  It started to storm Friday afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina, and like magic, birdies and all manner of hilarity resumed at the 99th PGA Championship.

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2017 PGA Championship Round 1 Recap – Birdies and Bogeys

By Joe Hines–Always Battling For Position

This year’s PGA Championship is being held at notable tour venue, Quail Hollow Golf Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s been a regular stop for years, this is its first stab at hosting a major, however.  There has been a significant redo of the golf course since its last tournament in May, they rebuilt holes and re-grassed the whole golf course in a little over ninety days. A Herculean task, to be sure, and one of the fun features is a sub-air feature underneath the greens that can suck the water right out of them. Thus making the threat of rain through the weekend largely a non-story. The greens today for the first round, are already frighteningly fast. If tournament officials let them get much firmer, familiar cries of unfairness from young millionaires will blather across the twitter-sphere, God forbid these players who no longer play a game that I’m familiar with being challenged by less than comfortable conditions.

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2017 PGA Championship…A Preview

By Joe Hines, Noted Club Pro

The final major of the golf season, the PGA Championship, is coming up this week at Quail Hollow Golf Club in North Carolina. Plenty of subplots pepper the landscape;  a schedule change has just been announced by the tour for this tourney, beginning in 2019 when it will move to a slot in May from its usual August schedule. The goal presumably, is to wrap up the bulk of the competitive season before the start of football season. Golf doesn’t do all that well in ratings, to begin with, so it only makes sense to give it the best opportunity for the most eyes on it. Since the NFL will lead its minions down the path to gape mouthed wonder as sweaty fat men whack each other beginning just after Labor Day, the PGA would prefer to be done by then. And there is still plenty to be had in the silly season between September and April when the Masters reappears on our screens.

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