Way Too Early Top Ten for the 2016 CFB Season

By: David Parks
Twitter: @_Parksie

This is the way too early preseason top ten.  Chances are I don’t like your team and obviously have them too low.  SPOILER:  No poll really matters until mid-October (Except this one).

Off we go…

The real reason Nick Saban is smiling? The #1 ranking in this poll obviously

The real reason Nick Saban is smiling? The #1 ranking in this poll obviously

1) Alabama

Yes Derrick Henry is gone. Yes they’re likely losing three defensive linemen to the first round along with their middle linebacker. Yes their defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach is leaving. But we’ve seen this script before, and when has it mattered? The Tide are stocked at every position on the field and until the head coach himself leaves, it won’t matter which of his assistants come and go. [Read more…]

College Football: SEC West Division Breakdown

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru

University of Arkansas

Head defector Brent Bielema is the leader of this motley crew of alleged football players. The Razorbacks  are just bad, really bad. I don’t expect they will win a conference game and the possibility of a winless season altogether is not out of the realm of possibility. I hope for his sake Bielema is renting rather than buying in Fayetteville, I don’t expect him to be back for the 2015 season. [Read more…]

‘Rumble, Young Man, Rumble:’ Don’t Change Now Johnny Football

By Michael Conway
PSDC Writer

Before every college football game, players, coaches and fans alike pause for a rendition of the National Anthem. Anyone can come up with a series of reasons why it’s a fine thing to do, but I’ve never encountered a definitive history that explains why we stop for a little dose of nationalism before athletic events of all levels. Nor do I really care. Just know that come this Saturday, we can bellow “land of the free” until we’re bluer than a Smurf in the face, but the Ancien Régime still lives. The gridiron may be as close to a true meritocracy as we can get, but a distasteful aristocratic bent still drifts into stadiums like the smoke off the grills in the parking lot.

For some reason, a large chunk of the college football viewing public still demands gentility from those who entertain it. The expectation that the unpaid laborers of the billion dollar Saturday football industry will not just pummel each other, but also take the time to doff their caps and show deference in all facets of the game runs from New England to the Bible Belt to the West Coast—as if every massive campus cathedral we call a stadium hosts a horde of demonic Emily Post’s every week. Lo, our savior approaches.

Johnny Manziel was placed on this Earth to cure us, as a country, of collective fogeyism. Even with obesity approaching epidemic proportions, the American’s average life span is the envy of history and the world. So why is there such a rush to become a cantankerous old fart who bitches and moans about college kids “playing the right way,” while watching college football with college buddies who all take a turn recounting the dumb shit they did in college?

Manziel has been blessed with the possibility of overcoming America’s premature aging crisis. Of course he is a good football player who knows he’s good and has been told he’s good his entire life. Of course he plays quarterback, in Texas no less, and comes from a great deal of money. Of course during his breakout freshman season, his coach had an arcane rule, no doubt born out of these ridiculous Victorian standards of decorum that we inexplicably apply to athletes, which mandated his media silence. The silence allowed giddy writers like Joe Posnanski to anoint him as a Johnny Appleseed crossed with George Washington messiah for college football. Of course he won the Heisman. And mercifully, Johnny Football broke bad. [Read more…]

Top 50 Players in College Football for 2013 – No. 38: Ed Reynolds

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Sports Editor

No. 38 – Ed Reynolds (Sr.), S – Stanford

Stanford S Ed Reynolds

The top safety in the nation is none other than Reynolds.  Coming off a season in which he finished tied for third nationally in interceptions with six, Reynolds is the unquestioned leader of one of the nation’s best defensive units. [Read more…]

Top 50 Players in College Football for 2013 – No. 41: Scott Crichton

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Sports Editor

No. 41 – Scott Crichton (Jr.), DE – Oregon State

Oregon State DE Scott Crichton

Oregon’s Dion Jordan was taken third overall in last April’s NFL Draft not even being the best defensive end in the state of Oregon. That accolade belongs to Beavers’ defensive end Scott Crichton. Entering his redshirt junior season, Crichton bypassed the NFL to return to school a year after garnering first team All-Pac 12 honors. As a sophomore, Crichton finished with nine sacks desipte constant double teams. [Read more…]

Top 50 Players in College Football for 2013 – No. 42: Stefon Diggs

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Sports Editor

No. 42 – Stefon Diggs (So.), WR – Maryland

Maryland WR Stefon Diggs

Over the past two seasons few programs have been as futile as Maryland. After firing long-time head man Ralph Friedgen, the Terps turned to Randy Edsall to take the program to the next level. Edsall has certainly taken them to a new level – unfortunately for Terp nation that level is way below where Friedgen had them. [Read more…]

Top 50 Players in College Football for 2013 – No. 43: Jordan Lynch

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Sports Editor

No. 43 – Jordan Lynch (Jr.), QB – Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois QB Jordan Lynch

The nation’s fourth leading rusher last season wasn’t a running back, but rather a quarterback. It wasn’t Johnny Football, nor was it Braxton Miller, but rather Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch. As a sophomore, Lynch rushed for 1,815 yards and 19 touchdowns while casually throwing for 3,138 yards and 25 touchdowns. In doing so, he led Northern Illinois to a 12-2 record, including a 12-game winning streak, and the first Bowl Championship Series (BCS) berth ever earned by a Mid-American Conference team. Despite his team’s success and his video game-like numbers, Lynch finished seventh in the Heisman Trophy voting with 52 points. [Read more…]

College Football: 10 Post-Spring Questions

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Specialist

1. Can anyone stop the Tide?

At this point the question concerning the Tide should be, “why not?”

Talent?  Check.  Best coach in the game?  Check.  Best assistant coach in the game?  Check.  Returning leadership?  Check.

Yes Alabama lost some key pieces from last year’s National Championship team, but as Nick Saban has shown, it just doesn’t matter.  Last season the Tide had to replace, among others, Mark Barron, Trent Richardson, Dont’a Hightower and Dre Kirkpatrick.  The result?  Their third crystal ball in four seasons.

Nick Saban and the Tide are looking for their fourth championship in five seasons

[Read more…]

Week 14 SEC Predictions: Championship Edition

By Robert Murphy

It was business as usual in the best football conference in American last weekend. Another ‘rivalry week,’ another beating delivered to the ACC. Personally, I feel badly for the ACC and its fans. It’s one thing to be a fan of the crappy Pac-12. You’re on the other side of the country from the SEC. These poor ACC fans are surrounded by excellence, providing a constant reminder of their teams’ ineptitude. [Read more…]

SEC Week 13 & Thanksgiving Dinner Predictions

By Robert Murphy
PSDC SEC Correspondent

Just when everybody outside of the Southeast thought the SEC’s reign of terror had come to an end, Kansas State and Oregon pooped the bed and put us right back where we belong. No Thanksgiving would be complete without the SEC holding a spot in the BCS Championship game. Some interesting in-state rivalry games are happening this weekend, and a lot of conference bragging rights are up for grabs.

[Read more…]

SEC Football Week 12 Predictions: Jersey Shore Edition

By Robert Murphy
PSDC Situation

SEC Predictions Meets ‘Jersey Shore’

Did you hear that Tim Tebow wears Johnny Manziel pajamas? The legend of ‘Johnny Football’ has become a force of nature since the kid waltzed into Tuscaloosa, ran wild and led a shocking upset over the top-ranked and undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide. [Read more…]

SEC Football Week 11 Predictions

By Robert Murphy
PSDC SEC Correspondent

Last week was an exciting week for the best college football conference in America, but everything worked out pretty much as expected. The Aggies supplied further proof that Mississippi State is nowhere near an elite team in the SEC, Alabama won a close game in Baton Rouge and A.J. McCarron cried salty tears. Both divisions of the SEC can, and will, be clinched this week to set-up the title game in the Georgia Dome. Who will square off for the crown? Read on! [Read more…]