Plus/Minus: Another Metroid II Remake

By Darreck Kirby
Project Shanks Creative Director

Kicking off a new series on, Plus/Minus serves as a written review of sorts for a game once it’s completed on the channel -whether by beating it or simply discontinuing. To be clear, we won’t be issuing an actual score in these reviews. What we will do is highlight its pros and cons to let you, the reader, decide whether or not it’s a title you’d be interested in picking up. So let’s get going!

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Project Shanks Gaming: Lets Play AM2R – Part 15 (Final)

All good things must come to an end. Thankfully video games generally give you one hell of a finale before they end (Unless they’re Metroid: Other M). We’ve reached the Queen Metroid and it’s time to end the metroid menace. Enjoy the fireworks, and then stay for the charming epilogue.

Project Shanks Gaming: Lets Play AM2R – Part 14

Man, the Omega Metroid doesn’t mess around! The pinnacle of the Metroid species (outside of the 0.01 that can become Queen Metroids), the Omega is pretty much a Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Zeta Metroid’s Velociraptor… This should be fun!

Project Shanks Gaming: Lets Play AM2R – Part 13

Fans of Metroid Fusion likely recognize this boss. What’s cool is the way in which they implement him. Everything on the ship in fusion is designed to mimic the Metroid homeworld of SR388, meaning everything cloned from there must have gotten its DNA sampling from there. Thus, the Serris X we fight in Fusion could only exist if the real Serris had existed on SR388. This boss fight is proof of that. Same goes for an earlier boss fight, Arachnus, and no, he’s not a spider but rather the Armadillo looking thing.

I know I say this a lot, but this game’s attention to detail is incredible. I’m honestly sad I’m approaching the end of it.

Project Shanks Gaming: Lets Play AM2R Part 12

To strive for 100% completion in a Metroid game is to know true pain. Thankfully, to obtain the gravity suit and find another Easter Egg is to be rejuvenated! It’s a delicate balance…

Project Shanks Gaming: Lets Play AM2R Part 11

We’re nearing our end with AM2R, and Darreck’s enthusiasm levels are beginning to get a bit excessive. Hang tight people, things are beginning to get a little weird.

Project Shanks Gaming: Lets Play AM2R Part 10

What’s that you say? New territory and Easter Eggs galore? Hell yeah! Well played, Darreck!

Project Shanks Gaming: Lets Play AM2R Part 9

In this episode, Darreck fights more beetle metroids, giant robots, and flees a meltdown! Better hurry, Darreck. But don’t forget to stretch those creamy hamstrings!