Podcast Shanks – Mavs and Thunder Free Agency

NBA free agency is always one of the more excitement and in many cases, tense times of year. Contenders can be reduced to bottom feeders with the devastating loss of a superstar while other teams who may be on the bubble could surge ahead thanks to a key acquisition. Or, you could just be the damn Warriors and Spurs and sign everybody…

For teams who don’t have that luxury, however, Darreck Kirby and Brennan Scala of Podcast Shanks take a look at the prospects for the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder and discuss how they can try to get back in the thick of contention.


Controversy in OKC: Thunder/Clippers Game 5

By Darreck Kirby

By now you’ve all likely seen or heard about the controversial pair of calls at the conclusion of Game 5 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers. What you may not know, is that there shouldn’t even be a controversy to speak of.


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Blake Griffin: Ever the Victim

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Dallas Mavericks Beat Writer

Photo Credit: thebiglead.com

Photo Credit: thebiglead.com

When Blake Griffin committed to the University of Oklahoma, I was shocked and excited all at the same time. Finally the state of Oklahoma was able to keep one of its outstanding basketball talents, fending off the likes of powerhouses like Duke, Kansas and North Carolina. Sure it helped that Griffin was from Oklahoma City and that his older brother, Taylor Griffin, happened to play for the Sooners basketball team, but let’s not worry about that right now. The point is Oklahoma got Blake and the program got a huge boost as a result. [Read more…]

Everything You Know is Wrong: NFL vs NBA Marketability

By Alan Posey
PSDC Writer 

I’m a skeptic. When I first hear something, my reaction is often doubt. In my experience, people are often quick to exaggerate in hopes of garnering an enhanced reaction. As a self–proclaimed quasi-smart person, I like to think that I can recognize when a claim has some merit versus none. Today my skepticism helped me uncover one such merit that is commonly accepted as true. If you allow me to divulge my insight, perhaps you will realize your views are more susceptible to conformity than you thought.

Ever since the conception of talking head shows on ESPN and the huge boom of sports talk radio, I’ve been an avid consumer. I think I left my TV on ESPN2 during the Cold Pizza/First Take Era for about five full years. My addiction to sports talk radio is now in full bloom – I don’t even know why I have a CD player or a Spotify subscription. Since I surround myself with a constant barrage of sports filth, I’m pretty acclimated to the constant argumentative nature of sports media along with clichés and stereotypes that should leave listeners more than skeptical about the integrity of the source. I like to tackle debates as they happen on air by just shouting responses loudly in the car like, “You’re an idiot! Rudy sucks!” or “Jeff Fisher is dumb! Without facial hair he doesn’t get another head coaching job!” It’s not very effective, but it keeps me entertained in traffic. I’d much rather share my opinion on my own show, but alas, I went to school for something different. Nevertheless, there are still issues being commonly misspoken that I feel whole heartedly should be exposed for the fraudulent, albeit trivial statements that they are!

It is often spoken that NBA players are more marketable than NFL players. If you have never heard this statement, just keep your ears opened, also you should probably stop reading. But I can no longer idly sit by, it’s time someone exposed this falsehood, usually summed up by stating:

“NBA players are more marketable than their NFL counterparts because you can see their face; they don’t wear helmets and pads.”

I feel dumb for ever nodding in agreement to this statement. It’s true I couldn’t identify a lot of NFL players I cheer for if I saw them at Applebee’s. Except, I couldn’t tell you what the majority of NBA players look like either. If Andrea Bargnani walked into a bar, I would undoubtedly suggest he is an NBA player, but I couldn’t properly identify him unless he was wearing his jersey. Sure, Robin Lopez, Chris Anderson, Nate Robinson and a few others all have traits that easily stand out. So perhaps if you are willing to cover your body in tattoos, or have a Sideshow Bob haircut you have some potential to market yourself – but is that any different than Polamalu’s hair? Or Victor Cruz’s dance? [Read more…]

Chris Paul Breaks the Hearts’ of Grizzlies Fans

Chris Paul beats the buzzer and the Grizzlies to take a 2-0 series lead.

NBA Playoffs Preview: Clippers vs Grizzlies

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man

The 2013 NBA playoffs start this weekend, and like almost every other NBA season the first-round matchups in this year’s NBA playoffs are dull. This season has a couple of intriguing series, like Boston Celtics versus New York Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers versus San Antonio Spurs, but the main event to this year’s first round will begin Saturday night when the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers square off.


Let the Bloodbath Begin

I call this a main event not only because the Clippers/Grizzlies series is expected to be the most evenly matched in the first-round, but also because these two teams are going to turn this series into an old-school, beat’em up, knockdown, drag-out, brawl. And, there might literally be some fighting. No joke, there will at least be a couple of escalated shoving matches. These two teams had round one of this battle during last year’s Western Conference Playoffs. This year is going to be round two of what is beginning to be one of the best rivalries in the NBA. [Read more…]

PSDC Random Stat of the Day

By Johnny Griffith
PSDC Stat Man

Boldly going where no one in wearing a Clippers jersey has gone before…

As I sit in giddy school-girl anticipation of the newest entry into the Star Trek franchise, I found myself browsing the wire looking for a snippit for today’s random stat and something jumped out at me that just about seemed perfect.  So citizens, buckle up, don’t stand too close to a red-shirt and read on for the Random Stat of the Day.

The Clippers defeated the Knicks, 93-80, to improve their record to 46-21 and return to their high-water mark for the season at 25 games above the .500 mark. Prior to this month, the Clippers’ franchise–whether in Los Angeles or San Diego, and including eight seasons as the Buffalo Braves (1970-1978)–had never stood 25 games above the .500 mark.*

*Stats courtesy of Elias Sports Bureau via ESPN.com

NBA Flop Rule is in Full Effect

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Basketball Jones

Blake Griffin has taken a pretty large step backwards this season, like one of those post-steroid dropoffs the MLB went through when they decided to test for illegal drugs.  Now, I am not saying that Griffin was taking any illegal substances, but he was benefiting from what is now illegal in the NBA…flopping. [Read more…]

Who Will Advertise on Your Favorite NBA Teams Jersey?

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Staff

Last night it was announced that the NBA Board of Governors have approved advertising to be on NBA jerseys.  The NBA’s deputy commissioner, Adam Silver, said that the NBA would sell a patch on the shoulder, and that the NBA expects to add around $100 million in revenue from the advertising patches.

This got me to thinking, what would be the best advertising matches for each team?  Here are some of the hypothetical future ads for teams.

Los Angeles Lakers:  AARP

The Lakers have more players headed to retirement than most companies.  Kobe Bryant is 33 and Steve Nash is 38.  Those two would be great high-profile spokesmen for AARP.  The Lakers also have Pau Gasol, Steve Blake and Metta World Peace all over 30.  And Andrew Bynum already looks like a seven-foot version of Redd Foxx. [Read more…]

NBA and Babies: A Gift to the Fans

By Jordan Zirm
PSDC Contributor 

For all the negatives that come with having a baby, the crying, the pooping, the almost falling into sharp corners of tables while walking, the positives seemingly outweigh them tenfold. You can teach your baby to make adorable faces. You can watch as they make insightful and hilarious observations about the world around them, such as stating “Dat choo choo go fast” when a train rolls by their peripherals. Why yes, small child. That train is going upwards of 60 miles per hour, and that is fast. But the true purpose of all babies that were put on Earth is to showcase them during the NBA playoffs, and we have had some gems so far this year.

The Orlando Magic’s Glen Davis brought his young daughter to his post game press conference after playing the Indiana Pacers in Game 1, and she proceeded to repeatedly call him “daddy,” crumble up the stat sheet that sat in front of them and move it back and forth across the desk like she was attempting to sand a counter.

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