Breaking Bad Review for the Non-TV Viewer

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru

Let me begin by saying I do not ordinarily watch network television programming. I find regular network shows to generally be unimaginative and insipid. In the last five years, I can count the number of television shows that I have watched more than once on one hand. But I have seen and heard with interest the conversation surrounding Breaking Bad over the last few years. So be aware, as my story goes on here today, if you haven’t seen it, there will be spoilers galore. So if you haven’t seen it, you should probably stop reading now. But before you leave, head to the bottom of the page and give it a “like.”

Breaking-Bad-Censorship [Read more…] TV Bracket Championship


We have reached the Championship of the TV Bracket. The last two standing are Breaking Bad and Cheers. Editor-in-Chief Chris Stuckey will be making the case for Breaking Bad and resident Funnyman Stephen Thomas is arguing for Cheers.

The voting box can be found at the bottom of the page. [Read more…] TV Bracket Final Four


We have reached the Final Four of the TV Bracket. Who will reach the championship? Vote!


#1 Breaking Bad vs #2 Friends

This Final Four matchup pits two titans of their respective genres. In one corner, Breaking Bad, the dark comedy/drama that owned pop culture for the last three years. Across the ring, Friends, the perennial 90’s comedy that spawned dozens of imitators featuring characters sitting around a table, cracking wise. Breaking Bad is the more recent cultural phenomenon, but Friends was a trendsetter in its time also.

Breaking Bad’s finale was the biggest thing on television since the Sopranos finale, drawing 10.28 million viewers. Friends? The NBC show averaged double that for it’s entire run, including 52.5 million viewers for “The Last One.” In the end, both shows gave the culture exactly what it needed. In Breaking Bad, viewers saw a dark, irresistible turn from high school teacher to murderous drug crimelord. Friends may not have been so obviously ground-breaking, but it was subtly part of the culture for a solid decade, most of that in the top five. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Friends ratings actually went up and it became the #1 show.

As much as Breaking Bad captivated our attention, it never spawned a hairstyle, a “How YOU doin’?” or a million Chandler impressions. Just
sayin’. – Reid Kerr

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#1 MASH vs #2 Cheers

So the Bracket Challenge is down to the Final Four, and our first matchup is Cheers vs M*A*S*H*. This is not a surprise matchup, as anyone over the age of 35 who knows anything about sitcoms would likely have both of these shows at minimum in their top 10, most likely top 5. It’s also intriguing because both shows writing staffs were headed by the legendary sitcom writing team of Ken Levine and David Isaacs, who not only helmed these two juggernaut shows, but also Frasier, as well as Becker and of course Almost Perfect (Thank you! Thank you!). I reached out to Mr Levine, and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions about these two shows, which might help potential voters out there decide. – Stephen Thomas

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TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Springfield Region


TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Springfield Region begins…now. [Read more…]

TV Bracket Sweet Sixteen: The Springfield Region


The Sweet Sixteen continues…

Springfield Region


#1 Breaking Bad vs #5 The Office

Walter White vs Michael Scott. It’s two drastically different shows with the ability to make deep runs in this tournament. Meth or paper? It’s your choice.

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#6 24 vs #15 Parks & Recreation

The improbable run for the No. 15 seed Parks & Rec continues. Can Jack Bauer knock the glass slipper off of Cinderella? Your vote will decide.

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TV Bracket Round of 32: The Springfield Region


The Round of 32 continues…

Springfield Region


#1 Breaking Bad vs #9 The Wonder Years

Walter White would go all Heisenberg on you if he knew you voted for The Wonder Years. Luckily, these polls are 100 percent anonymous.

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#3 Mad Men vs #6 24

Don Draper or Jack Bauer? Old school versus bad ass. You get to decide.

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#4 Family Guy vs #5 The Office

An animated adult comedy takes on a mockumentary. The Office crew led by Michael Scott is a slight favorite over Family Guy and its patriarch Peter Griffin. Let the voting begin.

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#7 The Shield vs #15 Parks and Recreation

The genres are quite different but a winner still needs to be determined. Can Parks & Rec follow up its first round upset of The Wire with another upset to continue its Cinderella run? You decide.

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Better Call Saul…Next Year

By John Baggett
PSDC Pop Culture Guru

Those of us who still haven’t gotten over the end of Breaking Bad last year had a reason to celebrate when they announced they were making a prequel spin-off about everyone’s favorite scumbag lawyer Saul Goodman, appropriately titled Better Call Saul. The show was supposed to debut in October but unfortunately that isn’t happening anymore.


Now before you fly into a rage keep reading. The show is still happening, just not until early 2015, AMC sources have told The Hollywood Reporter. And AMC is making it up to us by going ahead and greenlighting a second season, set for 2016. [Read more…]

TV Bracket Round of 64: The Springfield Region


The time has finally come. You have filled out your bracket to the best of your ability and you’re primed to begin the elimination process. The Round of 64 voting begins…now.



#1 Breaking Bad vs #16 True Detective

If this matchup were five years in the future, this is a potential title game. Unfortunately for True Detective, the show only has one (spectacular) season under its belt…Breaking Bad had five. It remains to be seen if True Detective can keep up the pace without Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, especially when compared to the performances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Heisenberg won’t leave any half-measures here. – Tommy Guastaferro

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TV Bracket Round of 64: The Springfield Region Continued

Click Here for Part ONE of the Springfield Region, featuring Breaking Bad, The Wire, True Detective, Mad Men, Family Guy, and more!


#5 The Office vs #12 Saved By the Bell

Ah, the classic 12/5 upset. This one could go either way…and if you look at it, The Office is just an adult version of Bell; Michael is Mr. Belding, Jim is Zack, Dwight is Screech, Pam is Kelly, Oscar is Tori. The Office gave two and half seasons of great television, with six and a half mediocre-to-subpar seasons. Saved by the Bell gave us five seasons and two feature films of pure, nostalgic cheese.  I think nostalgia wins out here, although it’s hard (that’s what she said). – Tommy Guastaferro

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By Trey Martin
PSDC Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, it is only a matter of time before the TV Bracket Challenge begins and just like LeBron going down with cramps, you never know what can happen next!


As with any competition there is always some jerk out there that will decide to state his opinion on the outcome and present them as facts as if no other outcome could be possible. Well my friends, I’m your huckleberry (can I put a movie quote in a TV show competition discussion?). So my sophisticated friends grab your finest brandy (or malt liquor) and you ladies your favorite bottle of wine (or your favorite –rita variation of Bud Lite drinks) and sit back as we contemplate what show is, the all important, greatest show of all time. [Read more…] TV Bracket Announcement

It’s time to debut the TV Bracket. We have selected a field of 64 and now it’s up to you to decide the rest. Voting will begin later this week.

In addition, we are having a contest for everyone to join in on. Fill out a bracket just like you do every year during March Madness. Prizes will be handed out so get your bracket filled out ASAP.

To enter, comment below with your email address or email it if you prefer.


Top 10 Things That Sucked in 2013: No. 5 Curse of the Kardashian

Curse of the Kardashian by Bryan Douglass


Consider the prolific careers put forth by the collective vaginal force that is the Kardashian family and it’s easy to lose sight of an iconic year. Take five to survey the carnage and it cannot be denied.

Scott Disick, infamous non-husband of Kourtney, might be the saving grace of the disgraced, dogged only by the never-ending rumor of infidelity, questions about his net worth and employment and another rumored child born out of wedlock (yawn). His status as a douche is established and unrelenting.

Middle sister Khloe was this year’s comeback kid. Fans have claimed middle sis as the lone source of reason and sanity for Klan Kardashian for years, but her life seized the front page in 2013 as husband Lamar Odom opted for the crack house over the Kardashian mansion, creating what might be the most impressive Kardashian demolition of an athletic career we’ve seen yet (which is saying something… just ask Miles Austin).

Kim managed to get another ring in it and, in the process, inspired Kanye West to create one of the worst “blockbusters” in hip hop history (and, at best, the worst effort of his career). His answer to the criticism: a new Yeezus video featuring Kim inspired by the prolific porn era of the 1980s and a new career focus on fashion. The best thing that happened to Kanye in 2013 was Jay Pharoah… and we doubt he joins us in viewing that ongoing SNL humor well as a highlight.

While their work was worthy of applause, the Shanks crowd should now stand in honor of the 2013 effort put forth by semi-mother Kris. While she’s a Jenner, and not a true Kardashian, she truly developed that connection and solidified her place as family patriarch this year, pushing a man once known as the world’s greatest athlete not only to divorce, but into the insanity of grotesque plastic surgery and a rumored dedication to change gender. We don’t judge and certainly wish him well, but Bruce was a man of tremendous and universal stature for decades… Kris torched it all in a matter of months.

If you had sex with a Kardashian in 2013, your life turned to shit, and thus I nominate you – all of you – as the thing that sucked most in 2013.

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