Breaking Bad Review for the Non-TV Viewer

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru

Let me begin by saying I do not ordinarily watch network television programming. I find regular network shows to generally be unimaginative and insipid. In the last five years, I can count the number of television shows that I have watched more than once on one hand. But I have seen and heard with interest the conversation surrounding Breaking Bad over the last few years. So be aware, as my story goes on here today, if you haven’t seen it, there will be spoilers galore. So if you haven’t seen it, you should probably stop reading now. But before you leave, head to the bottom of the page and give it a “like.”

Breaking-Bad-Censorship [Read more…]

Better Call Saul…Next Year

By John Baggett
PSDC Pop Culture Guru

Those of us who still haven’t gotten over the end of Breaking Bad last year had a reason to celebrate when they announced they were making a prequel spin-off about everyone’s favorite scumbag lawyer Saul Goodman, appropriately titled Better Call Saul. The show was supposed to debut in October but unfortunately that isn’t happening anymore.


Now before you fly into a rage keep reading. The show is still happening, just not until early 2015, AMC sources have told The Hollywood Reporter. And AMC is making it up to us by going ahead and greenlighting a second season, set for 2016. [Read more…]

PSDC Movie Review: Godzilla

By David Demaret
PSDC Movie Man

How much Godzilla is enough Godzilla, for a Godzilla movie? Director Gareth Edwards and however many screenwriters worked on this thing clearly took a quality over quantity approach, and in doing so almost undermine their own movie; almost, but not quite.


Godzilla has been around for a long time. Unlike in the 1998 Roland Emmerich debacle, he’s not the result of unchecked South Pacific nuclear weapons testing; he’s the reason for it. Apparently the powers that be have known about the big fella for a while, and were trying to get rid of him. I guess all those H-bombs did was give him a tan, because once we finally get to see him he looked as fit as a 350-foot fiddle. However, it is a while before we do get to see him. For most of its runtime the film concerns itself with the lives of some pesky and mostly uninteresting humans. [Read more…]

VIDEO: Breaking Bad Alternate Ending Leaks

By Chris Stuckey

An alternate ending to the AMC series Breaking Bad has made its way to interwebs. The video made a brief appearance on YouTube but was quickly pulled due to copyright infringement.

The ending was slated to be debuted on the Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD box set but leaked a little early.

In the video, you see Hal from the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, played by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, awake from a dream. He then recounts to his wife, Lois, played by Jane Kaczmarek, many details from the show and life of Walter White.

I’m glad this wasn’t the real ending but this was definitely fun to watch. The comedic twist is definitely a 180 from the actual ending. Hal is definitely no Heisenberg.

Watch the alternate ending below.

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