5 Actors Who Should Play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie

By Darreck Kirby

Despite its efforts to bring Naughty Dog’s immensely successful franchise, Uncharted to the big screen, Sony has routinely been forced back to the drawing board. But, with the recent additions of Shawn Levy, producer of Stranger Things, in the Director’s seat, as well as Tom Holland of Spider-Man Homecoming being cast as young Nathan, things finally appear to be turning around. Hopefully, the other shoe doesn’t take long to drop and we get our leading man to play Nathan Drake. Who might that mythical casting be? Here are a few suggestions…


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PSDC Movie Review: The Lego Movie

By David Demaret
PSDC Movie Man

The Lego Movie is basically one big commercial. It’s an hour and 40 minute long marketing ploy designed to sell tiny pieces of plastic so that children can forget to put them away and their parents can step on them with their bare feet. I, of course, mean that in the nicest possible way, because in addition to being a huge advertisement, it’s also the first great movie going experience of the year. It has everything I hope to find when I sit down in a darkened auditorium; heart, humor, and imagination.


In fact, imagination is what the whole movie happens to be about. It opens with the evil Lord Business – voiced by Will Ferrell – stealing a weapon of ultimate power from Vitruvius – Morgan Freeman in his funniest role ever. Before Lord Business leaves with his prize – known only as the Kragle – the wise Vitruvius has a prophecy in which he foresees the coming of a Master Builder who will be the most interesting, unique, and talented person in the universe. This “Special,” as he is called, will find the missing Piece of Resistance – the only thing capable of stopping the Kragle. Without giving anything away, we find out later on what the Kragle actually is, and it’s hilarious. Which was a neat trick on the part of the filmmakers, because I figured out ahead of time what it could be and it still caused me to laugh out loud. [Read more…]