Forcing the Issue: Bringing Nostalgia Back from Rosenblatt

By Rob Lindquist
PSDC Contributor

As a short-time resident of an Omaha suburb, to me, the dawn of the College World Series means a crowded Old Market and NoDo (local slang for the bar district and the stadium area in the North Downtown area). The streets are bustling, the beer-tents are packed and tourists from around the nation (mainly LSU and Texas fans) are still getting used to the openness of TD Ameritrade Park. Don’t get me wrong, the new stadium is great, but something is missing. Something that Rosenblatt had. Nostalgia.


Nostalgia can’t be forced, no matter how much ESPN tries. There were some great games played at the Blatt, like the recent Oregon State vs. North Carolina rivalry over two Series in 2006-2007, the LSU domination with five championships between 1991 and 2000 or the Southern Cal teams in the early ’70s that I came to hear from the locals. I’m sure over time TD Ameritrade will get there on its own. [Read more…]

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