PSG: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 10

Always happy when an episode includes a boss fight. It serves as a nice change of pace and lets me know there’s a new power up on the other side of their door!

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PSG: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 9

Lots of wandering but some new shit as well, so that’s good at least. The hypo atomizer certainly will prove useful -I just need to figure out where the hell to go so I can use it!

PSG: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 8

Okay, I do make it to new areas in this episode, buuuuut I’m not sure I can do anything there yet. So gear up for some backtracking and uncertainty! Huh… kind of sounds like my life in general.

PSG: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 7

Okay, I know he’s technically a drone and can’t even be a spider given he has only 4 legs but CMON! He’s adorable -and Spider Bro is too catchy of a nickname not to use it. So let’s ride, Spider Bro. And we shall claim this world!

PSG: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 6

Huh, did not expect gene splicing to work its way into the story. Even still, I’ve gotta say… pre-tay pre-tay cool.

PSG: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 5

All kinds of new stuff in this episode! New abilities, new territories, new boss battle -you name it! This frickin’ game is awesome!

Ezekiel Elliott Suspended 6 Games

By Darreck Kirby
Project Shanks Creative Director

After more than a year of investigating, the NFL finally issued a ruling on the Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence allegations from July of 2016. The sentence? Six games for something Elliott was never charged for, never even arrested for. Throughout the past twelve months, the waters of this case have been more than a little muddied, even at one point seeing text messages between Elliott’s ex and some of her friends suggesting she asked them to lie for her and corroborate her story. In the end, the Columbus ┬áDistrict Police determined there wasn’t enough evidence to move forward with charges. A short time later, claims arose again about an incident in Florida where supposedly Elliott had gotten physical with his ex in a car with other people. Once again, however, witnesses declined to corroborate the woman’s story. Florida police would also decline to charge Elliott with anything.

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Project Shanks Gaming: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 4

Well, this episode got off to a bit of a slow start… Sorry about that! The good news is, I DID figure out where to go next! Hazah!

Project Shanks Gaming: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 3

Remember how I got through AM2R without dying a single time? Wasn’t that soooo cooooool how I did that?! Yeah, that’s not the case in Axiom Verge unfortunately… It’s going to take some time to adapt to this game’s health bar…

Project Shanks Gaming: Let’s Play Axiom Verge – Part 2

Another day, another boss battle. Also, I go blind in one eye and have to resort to fighting like Popeye the Sailor! Someone should seriously tell that Gundam he’s in the wrong game, though…

Project Shanks Gaming: Let’s Play Alpha Polaris – Part 4

Sooo Alpha Polaris Checklist:
1. Track down missing bear
2. Shoot bear
3. ???
4. Profit?

Bonus item:
5. Bake a cake.

Oh yeah, shit’s gettin’ good!

Project Shanks Gaming: Let’s Play Axiom Verge

Holy crap is this game amazing! This game is Metroidvania at its finest! And if my eyes don’t deceive me, there’s a lot of Contra influence as well -meaning I can’t possibly be disappointed! Damn am I psyched to play this retro-esque title finally!