How the Mavs Finally Got Their Men

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Mavs Man

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

After the Dallas Mavericks won their lone championship in 2011, the organization saw a philosophical shift. Gone were the key members of a title-winning core mere months after reaching the pinnacle of the basketball world. Tyson Chandler had gone to the New York Knicks in a sign and trade deal that saw him earn a four years and $55 million. Following were the likes of JJ Barea, Caron Butler, Corey Brewer, and other key pieces. A year later, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry would follow, effectively ending an era in Big D. [Read more…]

RIP Brandon Knight’s Dignity: 1991-2013

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man

Everyone stop what you are doing and pour out a little bit of your coffee, or juice, or water, or whatever, in remembrance of Brandon Knight.

Last night while most of us were asleep, the NBA had the first ever televised homicide during a sporting event. And thank God it happened while most of us were asleep, because if this would have happened during primetime, the Internet might have broken, and Twitter would have crashed for sure.

With 4:30 left in the second quarter, DeAndre Jordan leaped into the air to grab an alley-oop that was thrown by Chris Paul. At the same time that Jordan left the ground, Brandon Knight rotated from the weakside and attempted to block Jordan at the rim. This was dumb on Knight’s part for two reasons: 1. He is eight inches shorter than Jordan. 2. His team was down by 19 at the time.

I applaud Knight for his effort, but unfortunately no one will ever help off the weakside during a pick-and-roll again. Brandon Knight single handily killed help-defense with his “effort.” There is a reason that “hustle plays” are normally made by the white dude that comes off the bench and plays 10 minutes per game, he needs his next contract, not you Brandon. Brandon, you are a first-round pick with a guaranteed contract, there is no need to commit suicide right there.

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