Ezekiel Elliott Suspended 6 Games

By Darreck Kirby
Project Shanks Creative Director

After more than a year of investigating, the NFL finally issued a ruling on the Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence allegations from July of 2016. The sentence? Six games for something Elliott was never charged for, never even arrested for. Throughout the past twelve months, the waters of this case have been more than a little muddied, even at one point seeing text messages between Elliott’s ex and some of her friends suggesting she asked them to lie for her and corroborate her story. In the end, the Columbus ┬áDistrict Police determined there wasn’t enough evidence to move forward with charges. A short time later, claims arose again about an incident in Florida where supposedly Elliott had gotten physical with his ex in a car with other people. Once again, however, witnesses declined to corroborate the woman’s story. Florida police would also decline to charge Elliott with anything.

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Opening Statement: No Man Should Ever Strike a Woman in Anger

By Bob Cole
PSDC Litigator

No man should raise his hand in violence against a woman. Not now; not ever. This forum is normally reserved for a light-hearted look at the world of American sports. The Ray Rice family violence matter, and in particular the release of the elevator video in which he is seen striking his wife, changes that dynamic for today. [Read more…]