Mavericks Do the Improbable, Rally From 14 Down in Fourth to Shock Rockets

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Dallas Mavericks Beat Writer

At halftime, the score read Houston 68, Dallas 61. Though the Mavericks offensive explosion would normally be encouraging, their defensive meltdown had many fearing the worst. Monta Ellis, Dallas’ newest star had topped his season average (22.0 PPG) in the first half already with 23. Dirk, meanwhile, had chipped in another 17, passing Reggie Miller for 15th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Only one question remained; what could Dallas do to stop Dwight Howard?

Photo Credit: ESPN

Photo Credit: ESPN

Howard dominated the Mavs all game, scoring 33 points and pulling down 11 boards while wreaking havoc inside all night against Dallas’ bigs, most notably Samuel Dalembert. But even with the big man’s dominance, the Rockets could seem to shake the Mavs, not even after jumping out to a 16-point lead midway through the third quarter. Even still, Dallas entered the fourth down 14 and with little hope of remaining unbeaten at home. They couldn’t steal this game, not with Dwight on his game and a closer like James Harden… Could they? [Read more…]

The Blame Game: Los Angeles Lakers Edition

By Guillermo Mijares
PSDC Contributor

Enough with the shots, Lakerland. We get it. You are still not over the fact that Dwight Howard, a superstar center, left your organization and did y’all wrong. For the first time ever, a top five player, when healthy, left you hanging. We get it. Let it go. C’mon.

The all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, recently took a visit around Bristol and appeared on ESPN’s First Take. During the show he was asked about Dwight Howard. Yes, the same Dwight Howard who left the same organization that Kareem had played for and won championships with.


In a very respectful way, Kareem basically said that Dwight is a stupid basketball player. Kareem is too classy and wonderful of a person for him to straight up call Dwight a “stupid” athlete. That is obviously another reason why all love Kareem. But let’s call it how it is. Kareem just might be offended as most Lakers’ legends were as soon as Dwight Howard left L.A.

On “First Take” this week, Skip Bayless pointed out something very interesting. Skip mentioned that Dwight Howard rejected the training offer by Kareem. Yup, he rejected a six-time NBA champion’s training offers. [Read more…]

Here’s The Thing: Proper Placement 7/15/13

By Stephen Thomas
PSDC Funnyman and Brad Pitt Doppelgänger

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I’m Stephen Thomas with Here’s The Thing.

Last night I had some dreams. No, not those kinds of dreams, just regular dreams. The weird thing about them was that they featured the theme song from the 80’s TV show “Night Court.” None of the characters were there, and I wasn’t IN court, just the song was playing. Over and over. I don’t know why, but it’s creeping me out, because its something that’s in a place it shouldn’t be.

See, Here’s The Thing; Proper placement is a key in life, because when we see something that’s out of place, it doesn’t register correctly in our brain. The Night Court theme song didn’t work in my dream last night. I don’t recall everything that was happening in the dream, it was one of those typical ones where the scene morphed from me on stage filming my HBO Comedy Special, to me making a comeback as quarterback of the Browns after a 25 year layoff, to me being chased by unknown assailants and running like I was in quicksand, to me in bed with … uum … my wonderful wife. You know, dream stuff. All accompanied by the theme song from Night Court. It just, didn’t, fit. In sports, you know these kinds of things are wrong when you see them, because even if sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is, something just doesn’t pass the eye test or sit right. The team name “Jazz” in Utah: doesn’t fit. Dwight Howard on the Lakers with Steve Nash. Two great players, two very different styles, didn’t fit. Tiger Woods, and monogamy. Well … whatever.

Look, putting a player in a place where they have the best chance to succeed is the key to any coaching or front office job, in any sport. Proper placement has an effect on the outcome, for everyone involved. Great example: The movie “Sharknado” Does Not Fit in civilized, decent, semi-educated society. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try and remember if I did anything in my dream that made Bull Shannon say “Ewwwwwkay.” I hope it wasn’t my quarterbacking.

Find me on the web at, Facebook as Comedian Stephen Thomas, or follow me on Twitter @15Stephen15.  For The Nick Bonsanto Show, I’m Stephen Thomas, and that was The Thing.

Dwight’s Decision…Finally!

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

Pop some bottles and pour some champagne, The Dwightmare is finally over. Well, unless you are Houston, in which case it has only just begun. Friday evening, Dwight Howard made the decision to sign with Houston after the Rockets threw in a lifetime supply of gummy worms to sweeten the pot. This broke the hearts of Lakers fans, who finally know what if feels like to all the rest of us NBA fans.

The saga of who would sign Howard this offseason started well before the season ended, and it doesn’t really feel like it’s over now. Dwight can’t sign his contract until July 10, so who knows what will happen in the meantime. The Lakers could throw in a chocolate swimming pool with marshmallow floaties and Howard could change his mind. But for now, we will continue onward as if Howard will be a member of the Houston Rockets in 2013-14 (even though we all know he will be asking for a trade once the season starts and he realizes the Rockets reneged on their claim to let him ride in a space shuttle). [Read more…]

Radio Spot: Stuckey Discusses Dwight Howard’s Free Agency

Editor-in-Chief Chris Stuckey appeared on ESPN Radio yesterday to discuss Dwight Howard’s free agency and how he thinks things will shake out.

Give it a listen here.

Defending Memphis and the Defensive Player of the Year

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

Allow me to channel my inner Jerry Seinfeld for a second: “What’s the deal with Los Angeles?”

Seriously, what has got the people of LA so up in arms and especially against Memphis? First, we have LA Times junior varsity writer T.J. Simers calling the city of Memphis a rathole, and being upset at the Clippers for losing, meaning he has to come back to Memphis next week. Then there is Dwight Howard saying that “Serge Ibaka was the clear cut winner” for Defensive Player of the Year, and “He led the league in blocks. Thats what defense is all about.”

[Read more…]

2013 NBA Awards Wrap Up

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man

This year’s NBA award winners for Most Valuable Player (LeBron James), Rookie of the Year (Damian Lillard) and Sixth Man of the Year (J.R. Smith) didn’t really take too much thought. They were all three winners by a landslide. The remaining awards for the 2013 NBA season (Defensive Player of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year and Coach of the Year) are a little tougher to decide, so we have to break out a full scale ballot and reasoning with each award.

Defensive Player of the Year

1. Marc Gasol – Gasol has anchored the number two ranked defense for the Memphis Grizzlies. He is third in the NBA in defensive rating at 95.5 points-per-100-possessions, and is seventh in blocks and steals combined in the league. The most telling part of Gasol’s greatness is that according to when he is off the court the Grizzlies defensive rating jumps to 105.5 per-100 possessions. That means that with Gasol on the court Memphis has the second-best defense, but when he is off the court they rank 24th, the equivalent of Phoenix. [Read more…]

Thick and Thin Podcast Ep. 3: NBA Talk

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again.  It’s time for another podcast from the Thick and Thin crew on Project Shanks Radio.  This time around Robbie Marbury and Daniel Cifuentes bring the hot topics of the NBA to your ears.  In this episode you will hear what these two men think about Honey Nut Cheerios and whether or not it’s an insult or compliment to taste like them, as well as other cereals.  Robbie and Daniel also talk about the swirling trade-winds of the NBA; who will be traded, who needs to be traded and who they want to see traded.  (SPOILER ALERT!)  There is also some disparaging remarks regarding neck tattoos.  Yeah, neck tattoos.  Well, we don’t want to give it all away.  Listen to the podcast and enjoy the newfound knowledge your brain will now possess after hearing what these two NBA scholars have to tell you.

(P.S. somehow Robin Lopez was used instead of Brook Lopez in this podcast.  We got the Lopez brothers confused.  We would like to apologize to them, their family and their 14 fans. Sorry.)

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN or use the embedded player below.

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D’Antoni is Da’ Man For The Lakers

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Basketball Jones 

In the early morning hours on Monday the Los Angeles Lakers named Mike D’Antoni their new head coach.  I’m guessing the Lakers were trying to lessen the blow to Laker fans that had hopes on Phil Jackson being the new coach….again.  In the previous two days, we heard constantly that the job was all but wrapped up for Phil Jackson, but Phil was asking too much.   [Read more…]

Lakers Fire Brown, Who’s Got Next?

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Basketball Jones 

Friday afternoon the Los Angeles Lakers relieved head coach Mike Brown of his duties with the team.  After the Lakers got off to a less than stellar 1-4 start, many expected Brown to be on the hot-seat, but being fired this early in the season has raised some red flags.  Mike Brown was in his second season with the Lakers and had compiled an overall record of 42-29. [Read more…]

Five NBA Questions, Five Correct Answers

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Basketball Jones

The Cleveland Browns are eliminated from the playoffs, Cowboys fans are mad at Tony Romo and Chargers fans are ready to fire Norv Turner.  You know what that means?  It’s almost time for the NBA to start.  And boy am I excited.  We get a full season of the NBA – no crammed schedules, no resting players, no back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back games all in different cities – we actually get a normal NBA slate this year.  I am so pumped.  I cannot wait for the season to start.  [Read more…]

A Closer Look at the Dwight Howard Blockbuster

By Anthony Wright
PSDC Contributor

The Dwight Howard saga is finally over. A four-team trade has gone through and has been stamped by the NBA, no veto this time by David Stern. The teams involved in the trade included the Lakers, Magic, Sixers and the Nuggets. In my opinion, every team got what they wanted and every team won. [Read more…]