BREAKING: Paul George Traded to Thunder

By Darreck Kirby
Project Shanks Creative Director

In a stunning move just hours before the opening of NBA free agency, the Oklahoma City Thunder made waves in acquiring the 27-year-old superstar. As with any trade, there are at least two outlooks moving forward. So let’s break down this blockbuster piece by piece, shall we?

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D&B Radio Talk Stanley Cup, NBA Finals

After a short hiatus, D&B are back to discuss the recently completed NHL and NBA Playoffs. Click here to give it a listen!

Here’s The Thing – The Warriors, History And Ass Grooves

By Stephen Thomas (@15Stephen15)
PSDC Funnyman And Brad Pitt Doppelgänger

I’m Stephen Thomas with Here’s The Thing.


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Kerr-ageous: Warriors’ coach makes key adjustments to spark Game 4 victory

By Jake Hyman
PSDC NBA Insider

For the first three games of the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr looked like what he was: a rookie head coach.

Playing behind the premise of not letting the Cavaliers’ role players beat them, but at the same time letting LeBron James do whatever he wants, Kerr found himself again staring at a 2-1 hole on the road.

So what did the rookie do to even this thing up at two games a piece and potentially change the fate of the series?

He made one simple adjustment and no, it wasn’t the obvious move of inserting Andre Iguodala into the starting lineup.

No, instead he made LeBron James beat him.

And for at least one night the King wasn’t able to do that.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

As we have seen in the first three games of the series, James has been given ample room in isolation situations on a certain side of the court. Typically, Kerr was sending one defender at LeBron and letting the rest of the floor clear out, thus forcing the four-time league MVP to beat his man one-on-one for either a basket, a kick out or a dump off to Timofey Mozgov for the easy finish. [Read more…]

Feeling Melo: LeBron gets a taste of Carmelo’s past in Game 1

By Jake Hyman
PSDC NBA Insider

Shot after shot. Miss after miss. Isolation after isolation.

A recipe for disaster if you ask any Cavaliers fan after Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday night.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Despite LeBron James’ 44 points, eight rebounds and six assists, the Cavs fell short in overtime to a Golden State Warrior team who methodically took care of business down the stretch with crisp ball movement and yes, timely shot making from the league’s most valuable player: Steph Curry. [Read more…]

2015 NBA Finals Preview

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff &Chicago Guru

Thursday night marks the beginning of this season’s NBA Final, the clash of LeBron James and his Cavaliers from Cleveland vs. the Splash Brothers of the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry and the hopefully not concussed Klay Thompson shooting basketballs from here to San Francisco. Here are a few of the things I’ll be watching as the series unfolds.


The A-list, compelling storyline is of course LeBron and his opposite superstar, Curry. Their matchups on the floor during the series will be rare since Curry just darts all over the floor flinging threes, and James is more a hulking behemoth manchild. Steph will certainly not cover LeBron, and the only way LeBron covers Curry is if the game is on the line, if the SERIES is on the line, and the 6’7″, 275 pound hulk drapes Curry forcing him to either turn the ball over or pass off to one of his minions. Maybe he can get the ball to Golden State head coach Steve Kerr, who is the all-time NBA leader in 3-point percentage. Curry has a pretty good running mate though, Klay Thompson scored about 40 points in a quarter this season, time will tell how the Splash Brothers react to the pressure of the Finals. Kerr only has 5 rings, so he might be able to offer a word of advice to his troops about expectations and pressure. Cavs coach LeB…, I mean David Blatt won championships in Russia. Coaching edge: Golden State. [Read more…]

Leave the Kid Alone

By Bob Cole
PSDC Litigator

The Golden State Warriors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals this year. Two great teams, with two world-class players in LeBron James and Steph Curry will no doubt provide great excitement and highlight reel style play when the finals start next week. We will also be treated to post-game press conferences with questions that the NBA press think are relevant. I hope we will also get to see more of America’s newest darling Riley Curry. She is the precious 2-year-old daughter of NBA MVP Steph Curry and she has accompanied her adoring dad to the post-game press podium recently much to the angst of some veteran reporters.


These complaining reporters object to the little girl invading their workspace. They say it is inappropriate. I heard one say that it makes it difficult to ask tough questions. Another who interviewed Mr. Curry last night after the Warriors clinched even ask if we were really going to do this again. My response is this— Get over yourself. [Read more…]

Project Shanks NBA Preview: Pacific Division

By Matthew Carpenter
PSDC Writer


Projected Order Of Finish


1. Clippers. Championship Formula: Elite point guard? Check. Still the best in the business. Multiple players who can create their own shots? Check. Jamal Crawford is the best second unit creator in the league (depending on how the lineup shakes out in Phoenix). Can the team defend in the half court? They can now (post-Vinny). Multiple players who can attempt to guard Durant and LeBron? Check. Great coaching? Check. Look at the development of Blake Griffin and the previously abysmal team defense. Doc Rivers is a top-5 NBA coach. There’s no doubt about it. Distractions? While Spencer Hawes will piss someone off (probably Chris Paul) I guarantee nothing will be as bad as last spring… [Read more…]

8 Game Home Stand Gives Mavericks An Opportunity To Move Up

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Dallas Mavericks Beat Writer

“There’s opportunity here, but it’s going to be very challenging, too,” said Rick Carlisle after Monday’s practice. “We’re going to have to work to keep our edge every day and every night. We’ll find out a lot about our character. The ability to keep that edge is one of the signs of competitive character. We’re going to have to have it.”

The Mavericks, fresh off a three-game road trip that was punctuated by a 23-point victory at Oklahoma City, are now faced with something their head coach hasn’t seen in his three decades in the league; an eight-game home stand. The favorable schedule allows the team to remain at home for the remainder of the month, but Dirk Nowitzki isn’t so sure of his team’s chances to improve their standing.


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Even with His Struggles, Monta Ellis Helps Mavericks Edge Warriors

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Dallas Mavericks Beat Writer

The Dallas Mavericks entered Wednesday night’s matchup with the Golden State Warriors in the midst of a two-game skid and in search of stability. What they got was a 103-99 victory to move to 10-6 on the year despite letting a 17-point lead nearly slip away with just 6:42 remaining.

Mark Cuban pre-game comments from the stair master.
Monta Ellis post game comments.
Dirk Nowitzki post game comments.
Shawn Marion post game comments.
Vince Carter post game comments.
Wayne Ellington post game comments.
Jae Crowder post game comments.

The story of the night was Monta Ellis, though not in the way we’ve seen him in a Mavs uniform to this point. Monta struggled to find his shot against his former team, going just 2-for-16 for four points and attempting no free throws against his former team. Neither of those things are what we’ve come to expect from Ellis in his short tenure with the Mavericks. Ellis, averaging over 23 PPG entering the game, is second in the league in drives per game, and typically attempts almost 10 free throws per contest. What we saw Wednesday night was a symphony of pull up clanks and bricks. While Ellis has greatly improved as a midrange shooter since joining the Mavs, his game is built primarily around attacking the hoop, extending his range only after defenders begin to back off and guard against the drive. It’s an easy formula: establish the drive and work your way out. That’s what made Ellis so lethal in his first 15 games in Dallas, where he never scored fewer than 18 points.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

But even without that part of his game clicking, Monta found other ways to contribute to the Mavericks’ win, collecting 10 assists, including a huge play late in the fourth where he drew Andrew Bogut off of Samuel Dalembert and dumped off a soft pass that the Mavs center slammed through the hoop. The play pushed a four-point lead to six and halted the Warriors’ charge. [Read more…]

Golden St. Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Game 2 Twitter Recap

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

Golden State let Game 1 slip through their fingers after a colossal choke job down the stretch. Losses like that are pretty hard to bounce back from, especially against a veteran laden team like the Spurs. Let’s take a look at what Twitter has to say about this one.

Golden St. Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs Game 1 Twitter Recap

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

I don’t want to ruin this recap so I will keep it short; Steph Curry tried to break Twitter during this game. That boy can flat out score.