Podcast Shanks – Mavs and Thunder Free Agency

NBA free agency is always one of the more excitement and in many cases, tense times of year. Contenders can be reduced to bottom feeders with the devastating loss of a superstar while other teams who may be on the bubble could surge ahead thanks to a key acquisition. Or, you could just be the damn Warriors and Spurs and sign everybody…

For teams who don’t have that luxury, however, Darreck Kirby and Brennan Scala of Podcast Shanks take a look at the prospects for the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder and discuss how they can try to get back in the thick of contention.


NBA Free Agency Looms: Which players need to be watched?

By Matt Rogers
PSDC Fantasy Expert

Our friends down in San Antonio have barely begun sobering up from their title celebration, the NBA rookie draft is on deck for this Thursday, NBA free agency begins next Tuesday and the NBA world is awash with chaos and speculation. The bank of fog rolling across the NBA landscape is so thick several Vegas books have pulled all future odds on NBA championships. Things are very unsettled right now. The word frenzy has popped up. Here is my best effort to help everyone understand just what is going on.


Over the next few days leading up to the draft and the free agency mayhem that follows the next week, expect the stories and speculation about who is going where to grow exponentially. While the biggest stories will focus will be on Carmelo Anthony and Miami’s Big Three, numerous other players may be on the market with the potential to change the playoff picture of the NBA. To keep track of everything in the midst of this madness, first we must identify the players. Here is a look at some of the biggest names likely to draw attention as free agency looms. Let’s start with the champs. [Read more…]