2016 NFL Draft: Prospect Rankings by Position



With the NFL Scouting Combine less than a week away, David Parks unveils his top prospects at each position.

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2016 NFL Draft Big Board (2.0)

By David Parks

Sadly, the end of college football is here.

“Trapped in a show hole?”

“Nah… Trapped in a sports hole.”

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2016 NFL Draft Big Board (1.0)

By David Parks
Twitter: @_Parksie

As the end of the college football season draws near, players will make their intentions known on whether or not they will chase their NFL dreams or return to school for their senior year(s).  With that, comes the inevitable task of ranking draft prospects.

It’s one of the most exact inexact sciences that exist.  Few teams do it well, and even then, there’s no such thing as a perfect draft.

Even a guy like Joey Bosa isn't a sure bet

Even a guy like Joey Bosa isn’t a sure bet

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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: Cornerbacks

By Aaron Hyden
PSDC College Football Contributor

Thanks to Richard Sherman’s boisterous ways, the cornerback position has become a more attention-getting area of football. Teams are looking for these players that can shut down entire halves of the field at their best, changing game plans of opposing offenses and forcing them to look elsewhere. It’s an important position, with high risks and high rewards, and it takes a special type of player to be successful in this day and age of ultra athletic wide receivers running like gazelles all over the field. Leading the pack in the Class of 2016 is my pick for the best overall prospect, and as close to a “sure thing” as you’re going to find this year.

1. Vernon Hargreaves, Florida – If you’re looking for the prototypical “shutdown” CB, look no further than Hargreaves. He isn’t the tallest CB (5’11”) out there, but he plays much bigger than his height would indicate because of his physicality. He has no problem jamming WRs at the line of scrimmage, and doesn’t allow them to get the best of him as they move down the field. His body control and instincts are top level, and his closing speed helps to eliminate issues when the occasional mistake is made.

Photo Credit: USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today

His aforementioned physical style of play is an added bonus against the run or against screen passes. He enjoys contact, and isn’t afraid of shedding blocks to lay a hit on a ball carrier. The stereotype of CBs, especially the stars, is that they shy away from contact. You don’t have that issue here, making him something of a dual threat as a defender. [Read more…]