Podcast Shanks – Mavs and Thunder Free Agency

NBA free agency is always one of the more excitement and in many cases, tense times of year. Contenders can be reduced to bottom feeders with the devastating loss of a superstar while other teams who may be on the bubble could surge ahead thanks to a key acquisition. Or, you could just be the damn Warriors and Spurs and sign everybody…

For teams who don’t have that luxury, however, Darreck Kirby and Brennan Scala of Podcast Shanks take a look at the prospects for the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder and discuss how they can try to get back in the thick of contention.


Don’t Be Stupid: Lil’ Wayne Edition

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man

Lil’ Wayne has been banned forever from attending a NBA game ever again. Or has he?

Why? He says it’s because during a Heat/Laker game, being played in Miami, he was escorted out by police for cheering for the Lakers. The Heat denied the allegations, and told USA Today the rapper left on his own accord. Now, being a fan of a team that is not the Lakers I think it should be mandatory that anyone cheering for the Lakers when they are not in Los Angeles should be escorted out, but that’s just me. But let’s be real, there was no way this dude was escorted out by police for cheering for the Lakers. The Lakers have fans in every NBA city, and in some cities they are more popular than the home team. If the NBA was throwing out Laker fans at road games, they would be shooting themselves in the foot. No team in the league brings more fans to the gates than the Lakers. The owners are not turning down anyone’s money. [Read more…]

Thunder Trades James Harden to Rockets in Multi-player Deal

By Chris Stuckey

Oklahoma City Thunder G James Harden has officially been dealt to the Houston Rockets in what can only be described as a blockbuster deal with odd timing. The news of the trade was broken by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski when the sports world had their eyes on a Notre Dame upset of Oklahoma and I was watching Grosse Pointe Blank. [Read more…]

Previewing the Western Conference Finals: Thunder vs Spurs

By Texas Reardon
PSDC Contributor 

Caution: Read before advancing

Since Monday many previews have been written and talked about for the upcoming Spurs/Thunder series. From seasoned veterans in the industry who know what they are talking about to the sophomore student just looking for college credit this summer. Then you have me and my preview. Writing for print was never my strongest point in college so that’s why I went the television route. Completely different and you don’t have to worry about all that fun stuff like grammar and proper spelling.  So, why me and what gives me the right to write a preview? Well one, this is America and two ProjectShanks.com’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Stuckey asked me to. The founder originally asked me to write a preview of the Spurs/Clippers series during Game 2 and I told him by the time I finished the preview, the series would be over. Three days later, I was correct. So now that the conference finals are set, I thought I’d give writing another try since basketball is my favorite sport and the Spurs are my favorite team. Two things I know about. Yes, as a journalist I know you’re supposed to be unbiased and I am going to keep it as unbiased as possible.

So now that we have that out of the way. Here it is:

NBA Western Conference Finals Preview

The matchup is set. [Read more…]