Podcast Shanks feat. Law Nation: Cowboys on the Bubble and NBA Free Agency

Darreck Kirby is joined by Lawrence “Law Nation” Thomas for this week’s podcast, talking Cowboys on the bubble entering training camp, what to do with Damien Wilson, and more. Also, Darreck talks NBA Free Agency and how the Western Conference shake up further shifts the balance of power in the NBA. Plus, Dirk the selfless. Check it out!


“Son of God” Tweets Risqué Photos of Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

By Rachel Porter Bullock
PSDC Groping Analyst (& Diehard Cowboy Fan)

It seems as though Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has become the latest sports figure to find himself smack dab in the middle of a raunchy scandal. Pictures surfaced Tuesday that show the very married Jones in some seemingly compromising positions with a couple of unidentified females. It is unknown by this reporter whether the women are in fact Cowboys fans or just regular people who also display really poor judgement.


The story behind how the pictures surfaced is just plain weird. Twitter user @INFIN8SON shared the pictures on his timeline with the caption “God is here. THE SINS OF JERRY JONES.” Reportedly INFIN8SON is known in real life as Frank Hoover. [Read more…]

NFL Training Camp is Here, Time to Rejoice?

By Reid Kerr
PSDC Offensive Coordinator

NFL Training Camps are now officially open, giving football fans everywhere a reason to rejoice.

Well, sort of.

The TV footage of the practice is nice for a while, it sort of looks like real football, at least. However, there’s still more than six weeks until the start of the regular season. And let’s not pretend to get excited about preseason football.

Photo Credit: SI

Photo Credit: SI

Preseason football is like the return of the McRib. It only seems exciting because it’s been long enough since the last time we had it that we’ve forgotten what it’s really like. [Read more…]

Brian Urlacher to Dallas Cowboys?

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staffer & Chicago Guru

Jerry Jones has lost his ever lovin’ mind. I know that isn’t news to Cowboy fans, but to those of us who observe from afar, it seems as though he may have fallen off the ledge. Brian Urlacher, Bears legend and serial celebrity dater has drawn the attention of said lunatic as a replacement for Cowboys oft injured linebacker Sean Lee.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Urlacher, who retired after turning down a couple of million from the Bears prior to the 2013 season, is reported to be considering coming out of retirement to fill in the blank in Dallas. On the surface, if you ignore the fact that he is a year removed from NFL speed and violence and that the last year of his career he was bad, it looks like a fit. Rod Marinelli, who coordinated the Bear defense in Urlachers’ final seasons,  is defensive coordinator in Dallas. They run a similar scheme in Dallas and his football IQ is high. I would think the fit would be better if he were hired as a linebacker coach instead of as a player. [Read more…]

10 Creative Alternatives to the Pro Bowl

By Matthew Carpenter
PSDC Writer 

Oh hey, the Pro Bowl is changing its rules. Say it ain’t so! It’s America’s 11,271st greatest pastime – right between National Potato Pancake Day and the Connecticut State Dental Association’s Annual Conference. Now it’s ruined because instead of fielding a team of players from each conference who don’t want to risk a broken leg for an exhibition game, there will now be ‘captains’ who get to choose which disinterested players will represent teams in this last gasp to grab every scrap of ad revenue.

Personally, I think the Pro Bowl should be discontinued. But that opinion falls into a vast chasm of ‘No one cares.’ Also, the game’s unlikely to end because the league cares so much about its players that it wants to reward them with a trip to Hawaii so they can try to avoid injury for three hours. But just in case, here are some alternative programming options for the league that I’d be more likely to watch during that Saturday in January.

1. (Transitional programming) – Another Grandma Died?
Which NFL Star Presented The Best Note To Get Excused From The Pro Bowl? You choose America!
Last Year’s Winner: Tom Brady – “Sorry Roger. Can’t play. Injured myself talking ‘emerging African economies’ with the wife. See you next year! (No I won’t) Regards, Tom”

2. The 49ers’ Offensive Line Goes Wine-Tasting!

3. Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object:  Are Packers’ Fans Really That Hospitable? Replacement Refs Visit Green Bay. [Read more…]

Stuckey’s Christmas List

By Chris Stuckey

In case you were wondering what I wanted for Christmas, I have provided the masses with list of 15 items that would make me happier. If my happiness is not a high priority in your life, we need to talk.  

1. Mila Kunis
[Read more…]

2012 NFL Team Preview: Dallas Cowboys

By Chris Stuckey

How do you accurately describe the plight of a Dallas Cowboys fan? The expectations are through the roof every year. It’s pretty much Super Bowl or bust season after season even though merely winning a playoff game has been a struggle for more than a decade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Cowboys fan and I’m not asking for any sympathy. I’m merely pointing out that being America’s team isn’t easy. Is some of the pressure brought on by their owner/GM that makes a concerted effort to be larger than life? Well yeah but that’s not the players’ fault. Jerry is a great owner but an atrocious general manager, which is why success has been so difficult to attain as of late. ESPN may give a ton of attention to the Jets and their backup quarterback but I promise the majority of their viewers care more about the Cowboys. [Read more…]