A Quick Look at New Ranger Willie Calhoun

By Lindsey Jones
PSDC Rangers and Cowboys Writer

The Texas Rangers had a tough decision to make this last Monday as the trade deadline approached. Their ace, Yu Darvish, was set to become a free agent at the season’s end and the team’s hopes for a wild card spot in this year’s playoffs seemed to get further and further away. Texas’ GM Jon Daniels ultimately decided he would get something for Darvish now, rather than letting him walk and only getting a compensation pick in next years draft.

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Texas Rangers at the Trade Deadline

By Lindsey Jones
Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys Writer

The Texas Rangers find themselves in an interesting position after today’s 4-3 loss to the Kansas City Royals. They are currently 16.5 games back in the division and 3 games back in the wild card race to the Rays and Yankees. The Rangers have several impending free agents, including Yu Darvish, Andrew Cashner, Jonathon Lucroy, and Carlos Gomez, many of whom would be coveted by contending teams should the Rangers decide to sell. They also have veterans such as Mike Napoli, Cole Hamels, and Adrian Beltre who teams would also likely be interested in.

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Texas Rangers Managerial Search: Steve Buechele

By Derek Reed
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent



Playing Career
Texas Rangers (1985-1991)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1991-1992)
Chicago Cubs (1992-1995)
Texas Rangers (1995)

Managing Career
Bakersfield (2009)
Frisco (2010-2013)
Round Rock (2014)
Overall Record: 446-397 (.529)
Texas League Best Manager Prospect (2010-12)

Steve Buechele was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the fifth round of the 1982 draft. He played 11 seasons in the Major Leagues, with seven of those coming in a Ranger’s uniform. He manned third base for Texas in two separate stints and played 835 games as a Ranger. He ended his playing career with 137 homeruns and a batting average of .245. [Read more…]

Texas Rangers Managerial Search: Mike Maddux

By Derek Reed
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent 


Playing Career

  •  15 seasons (1986-2000)
  •  Philadelphia Phillies (1986-89)
  •  Los Angeles Dodgers (1990)
  •  San Diego Padres (1991-92)
  •  New York Mets (1993-94)
  •  Pittsburgh Pirates (1995)
  •  Boston Red Sox (1995-96)
  •  Seattle Mariners (1997)
  •  Montreal Expos (1998-99)
  •  Los Angeles Dodgers (1999)
  •  Houston Astros (2000)

Coaching Career (All as pitching coach) [Read more…]

Texas Rangers Managerial Search: Tim Bogar

By Derek Reed
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

Oakland celebrated in the visitor’s locker room of Globe Life Park Sunday afternoon when they clinched the final AL Wild Card spot with a 4-0 win over Texas. But as the Athletics turned their attention to the postseason, the Rangers turned their attention to the offseason. And what an offseason it needs to be.

The 2014 season was one to forget. After four straight 90-win seasons, Texas (67-95) finished with their fewest number of wins since 1994. Injuries to key players decimated the team throughout the entire season. They set an MLB record for the most players used in a season with 64. The previous record was 59. And to top it all off, the winningest manager in franchise history resigned before the end of the season due to personal reasons.

Texas had a disastrous season, but they aren’t far off from becoming playoff contenders again. It’s not time to wave the white flag and begin the rebuilding process. There are several things that need to be addressed during the offseason. But, if done correctly, the Rangers could be the team celebrating on this day a year from now.

The first thing Texas needs to do is name a manager for the 2015 season. According to reports, Jon Daniels wants to get it done before the World Series so whoever is chosen can be a part of the offseason decisions. Whoever the new skipper is, he’s going to have a tough act to follow after Ron Washington. Wash finished his time as manager with the most wins in franchise history. He also led the team to the only two World Series appearances the Rangers have made. He had a few off-field distractions along the way, but he got the team playing at a level that had never been seen before in Arlington.

There have been three names released from within the organization that will receive interviews. There will also be a few more from outside the organization that will get an opportunity. I’ll break down the three internal candidates.


Playing Career:
• Nine seasons (1993-2001)
• New York Mets (1993-96)
• Houston Astros (1997-2000)
• Los Angeles Dodgers (2001)

Coaching Career:
• Tampa Bay – Assistant Coach (2008)
• Boston – 1st Base Coach, 3rd Base Coach, Bench Coach (2009-12)
• Texas – Bench Coach/Interim Manager (2014)

Managing Career
Minor Leagues:
o Manager for five seasons (2004-07, 2013)
o Greeneville Astros (2004)
o Lexington Legends (2005)
o Akron Aeros (2006-07)
o Arkansas Travelers (2013)
o Overall Record: 362-266 (.576)
o Manager of the Year (2004, 05, 06)
o Named coach for All-Star Futures Game (2006, 07)
o Eastern League’s Best Manager Prospect (2006)
o Appalachian League Champions (2004)

Major Leagues:
o Texas – Interim Manager to finish 2014 season
o Record: 14-8 (.636)

I’ll start with interim manager, Tim Bogar. Bogar played for the Mets, Astros and Dodgers over his nine-year playing career. He is a career .228 hitter and his lone postseason appearance came in the 1999 NLDS with the Astros.

Bogar has five years of experience as a manager in the minor leagues, and he was named Manager of the Year in three of those five seasons. He won the League Championship one time, but made it to the League Championship three other times. Bogar was named to the All-Star Futures Game coaching staff twice, and he was named the Eastern League’s “Best Manager Prospect” by Baseball America in 2006.

Bogar has coaching experience at the Major League level as well. He spent one season as an assistant coach for Joe Maddon and the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008, and he was a member of the Boston Red Sox coaching staff from 2009-2012.

2014 was Bogar’s first year in Texas. He started the season as Ron Washington’s bench coach, before taking over as the interim manager for the final 22 games of the year. In those 22 games, he led the Rangers to a 14-8 record, and finished the season winning 10 of 13. He did that with a group of guys that most fans had never heard of, and with five of the seven series being played against playoff contenders.

Bogar has had consistent success as a manager, but hasn’t had the opportunity in the Major Leagues. All but 22 of his games have been at the minor league level. But, you don’t win Manager of the Year and Best Manager Prospect awards by accident. You have to be doing something right to get that type of recognition. And Bogar was doing something right in the final weeks of this season in Arlington. He guided the Rangers on one of their best streaks of the season in a time when there was nothing to play for. In a time when some people would “shut it down,” he got the Rangers to keep fighting. They wanted to play and win for him. That, along with his minor league success, makes him a respectable option for the Texas Rangers.

Check back with ProjectShanks.com on Wednesday to read about candidate #2 for the vacant manager position in Arlington.

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5 Texas Rangers Season Predictions

By Brendon Morris
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

One more day.

Only a handful of hours until longtime PA man Chuck Morgan takes the microphone in his hand, and introduces “Your 2014… Texas… Rangers!” as the club takes the field for the first real time this season.

It’s a different roster almost top-to-bottom, and they’ll play like a different team than we’re all used to. But when you look at the personalities on the team, we can all but expect the same endearing, good-guy Rangers we’ve all learned to love. [Read more…]

Jurickson Profar Injury Chills Texas Rangers Spring

By Bob Cole
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

Spring training is a time for optimism in most major league camps, but the Texas Rangers are now reporting that young infield sensation Jurickson Profar of Curacao will be sidelined for 10-12 weeks at the beginning of the 2014 season with a torn teres muscle in his right shoulder. Surgery is not expected.

Profar had been suffering from tendinitis at the beginning of camp, and the new injury is not good news for the Rangers as they have to deal with a vacancy at second base. Ian Kinsler is no longer with the team and now the Rangers must figure out how to plug their middle infield. [Read more…]

Texas Rangers Bullpen Stock Watch

By Brendon Morris
PSDC Writer

Pain wasn’t something I really understood as a kid.

I never had many injuries and really didn’t have any emotional hits zero in on me, so I got lucky enough to not to experience what I consider true pain until 2011, my sophomore year of college.

That was when Neftali Feliz was a strike away from winning the Rangers their first World Series, and the team let it slip away. Then they took the lead, and lost. Then they went to Game 7, and lost again.

It was like Hulk Hogan just took a folding chair to my chest, and at that moment in time, I understood how important a bullpen was despite being an offensive-minded former baseball player.

It seems like these days you can either have the bullpen or a potent offense in the MLB. Rarely can teams put together both at an elite level, and the Rangers have struggled with doing that in their most recent seasons. [Read more…]

Texas Rangers Extend Ron Washington Through 2016

By Clay Ihlo
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

Any employee is pleased to receive a vote of confidence from the person running the show and Ron Washington should feel pretty good about inking an extension through 2015 with the Texas Rangers.

To an extent.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This new one-year addition for Washington sends a clear message. Jon Daniels approves of his body of work, and rightfully so, but if certain things don’t happen in the next two seasons, someone different could be making out the lineups in 2016. [Read more…]

Jon Daniels Has Worked His Magic This Season, At Least On Paper

By Brendon Morris
PSDC Contributor

It was mind-boggling to watch all the dominos fall this offseason in Arlington.

Nolan Ryan was shown the door, Jon Daniels took the stage by himself, and has since delivered the best lineup (on paper) that this franchise has ever had.

“Wait. Did he say “Best team that this franchise has ever seen,” or did I misread that?”

Nope, you got it right. JD has delivered in his first offseason as the head honcho.

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

With that, I’ll provide the disclaimer that most avid baseball fans are already yelling at me: World Series are won in October and November, not December and January. If you don’t get that saying, go talk to our friends in Toronto and ask them to explain it for you. Their tail will tuck between their legs as they pull out postgame recaps from 2013, a year that they were pegged to win it all from the get-go. [Read more…]

Things Are Changing In Arlington, But Will It Be For the Better?

By Joshua V. Best
PSDC Contributor

All serious Rangers fans should read Mike Hindman’s article entitled “Camps.”

Though many of us have been dismissing the media frenzy about Nolan vs. JD as much ado about nothing, Hindman suggests otherwise. And while I still hold out hope that things can get back to where they were organizationally speaking, it appears more and more every day that such may amount to blind faith, perhaps the outgrowth of sorrow over what the team ALMOST accomplished.

It is true that Wash’s insistence on (constantly) using Michael Young last year was a clear open rebellion against management. It is also a fact that we don’t know if it was Nolan or JD who supported that insubordination. Maybe it was neither. I have made the point several times – Wash would support Michael Young and put him in the lineup if MY wanted to play until he was 60. Young had Wash’s back in Wash’s darkest hour, and Wash will never, ever forget that. It was a reason for loyalty that could clearly be understood and even respected, even when the baseball decision was so obviously unjustifiable.

There are folks like me out there who have not an issue one with trading Michael Young while still paying the majority of his contract. But because I had grown so tired of his game, which has so eroded some rate him as one of the two worst players who saw regular time last year, I failed to consider a more obvious point. Bad contract aside (you know, over there with my own personal feelings and the fact that I never REALLY felt as warmly toward Michael Young as almost every other Rangers fan did because his “California” demeanor always rubbed me the wrong way) the fact is he could still be a useful tool in a manager’s toolbox in Arlington, where he is revered by everyone except me and six others, if used correctly. If nothing else, Young proved several times over he would be a good soldier come Opening Day. [Read more…]