Here’s The Thing – Smokin’ Hot NBA Playoffs

By Stephen Thomas
PSDC Funnyman and Brad Pitt Doppelgänger

I’m Stephen Thomas with Here’s The Thing.

NBA Playoff time is upon us, which means real basketball has finally started on the professional level.  Oh, I know they say every regular season game is important and maximum effort is required 82 times a season, but they say it with the same conviction  that Charles Barkley has when he says “I love broccoli.” We wink, we nod and we wait for the playoffs. [Read more...]

Why The Mavericks Need Danny Granger

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Dallas Mavericks Beat Writer

It wasn’t so long ago that Danny Granger was Indiana’s best player. A sharp shooting small forward, the eight-year veteran was a frequent participant in ESPN’s highlight reel. But over the past two seasons that perspective has changed for Granger.

Danny.Granger.and.A.Lot.of.Dallas.Mavericks (1)
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Five Things to Watch for in the Second Half of the NBA Season

By Jake Hyman
PSDC Writer

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

OK, I know the second half of the NBA season has technically already started but really, the All-Star break is the true midway point.

So here we are with Indiana sitting pretty at 40-12, the Phoenix Suns remarkably in the top eight in the West and the New York Knicks in complete disarray.

Here are five things to look forward to before the playoffs arrive and all hell breaks loose:


It is always an exciting time of the year as the trade deadline approaches with a lot of fruitless rumors and speculation. This year a question I keep hearing is, “Will Carmelo Anthony get dealt?” The answer is flat out NO. [Read more...]

Why Kevin Durant’s Run Isn’t Something To Be Ignored

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Writer

It’s not every day that you see a scoring showcase quite like the one Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant has been putting on the past 12 games. Sure, Durant has always been a great scorer, but what he’s doing right now is something that hasn’t been seen in any form since 2003. That’s the last time a player, in this case Tracy McGrady, scored at least 30 points in at least consecutive 12 games (his streak ended at 14).


But what makes Durant’s run so impressive? Well for one he’s doing it without his All-Star sidekick Russell Westbrook. The OKC point guard has been out since Christmas Day after having his third knee surgery since April, but it hasn’t affected the Thunder’s overall play that much. Although they struggled initially, going 5-4 and falling back to fourth in the West, but now they’ve won nine straight and beaten some excellent teams along the way behind Durant’s increased barrage. They’ve beaten Houston, Portland, San Antonio, Sacramento, Golden State, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta and now defending Champion Miami during that stretch; no easy feat. [Read more...]

Wisdom from LeBron James

Wisdom from LeBron James

Everything You Know is Wrong: NFL vs NBA Marketability

By Alan Posey
PSDC Writer 

I’m a skeptic. When I first hear something, my reaction is often doubt. In my experience, people are often quick to exaggerate in hopes of garnering an enhanced reaction. As a self–proclaimed quasi-smart person, I like to think that I can recognize when a claim has some merit versus none. Today my skepticism helped me uncover one such merit that is commonly accepted as true. If you allow me to divulge my insight, perhaps you will realize your views are more susceptible to conformity than you thought.

Ever since the conception of talking head shows on ESPN and the huge boom of sports talk radio, I’ve been an avid consumer. I think I left my TV on ESPN2 during the Cold Pizza/First Take Era for about five full years. My addiction to sports talk radio is now in full bloom – I don’t even know why I have a CD player or a Spotify subscription. Since I surround myself with a constant barrage of sports filth, I’m pretty acclimated to the constant argumentative nature of sports media along with clichés and stereotypes that should leave listeners more than skeptical about the integrity of the source. I like to tackle debates as they happen on air by just shouting responses loudly in the car like, “You’re an idiot! Rudy sucks!” or “Jeff Fisher is dumb! Without facial hair he doesn’t get another head coaching job!” It’s not very effective, but it keeps me entertained in traffic. I’d much rather share my opinion on my own show, but alas, I went to school for something different. Nevertheless, there are still issues being commonly misspoken that I feel whole heartedly should be exposed for the fraudulent, albeit trivial statements that they are!

It is often spoken that NBA players are more marketable than NFL players. If you have never heard this statement, just keep your ears opened, also you should probably stop reading. But I can no longer idly sit by, it’s time someone exposed this falsehood, usually summed up by stating:

“NBA players are more marketable than their NFL counterparts because you can see their face; they don’t wear helmets and pads.”

I feel dumb for ever nodding in agreement to this statement. It’s true I couldn’t identify a lot of NFL players I cheer for if I saw them at Applebee’s. Except, I couldn’t tell you what the majority of NBA players look like either. If Andrea Bargnani walked into a bar, I would undoubtedly suggest he is an NBA player, but I couldn’t properly identify him unless he was wearing his jersey. Sure, Robin Lopez, Chris Anderson, Nate Robinson and a few others all have traits that easily stand out. So perhaps if you are willing to cover your body in tattoos, or have a Sideshow Bob haircut you have some potential to market yourself – but is that any different than Polamalu’s hair? Or Victor Cruz’s dance? [Read more...]

Miami Heat 2013 NBA Champions: Not One. Got Two. Maybe Three?

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

The Miami Heat started finishing off the San Antonio Spurs with five seconds left in Game 6 when Ray Allen hit a corner three to tie the game. Miami took over in overtime, and that was all she wrote. Going into last night’s Game 7, there had been 17 NBA Finals that went to the seventh game. Of those 17 series, the home team won 14 times. For San Antonio to win this game, they would have been beating some long odds. The Spurs could not overome those odds, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade or Shane Battier. Miami exhausted the elder Spurs, took Game 7 95-88 and locked up the second ring for the trio of James, Wade and Chris Bosh.

The narrative with LeBron James has always been “he is not clutch,” but in my opinion that should have been buried in 2007 versus the Detroit Pistons, when James went for 48 points, 25 straight at one point, and 29 of the Cavaliers last 30 points. People that are not clutch do not put up 48 points in the playoffs. Anyway, for some reason the LeBron being unclutch thing still floats around, but in Game 7 he could not have been more clutch.

San Antonio has been going under picks on LeBron James all series, but on Thursday night, San Antonio went even further under on screens, if that’s at all possible. San Antonio treated LeBron as if it was Kendrick Perkins standing on the perimeter. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green were more than five feet away from James anytime he had the ball beyond the three-point line, and LeBron had no other choice but to shoot. And he shot, and he made those shots. He was 5-10 from three and 9-20 on jumpers from 14-plus feet. [Read more...]

Is Game 7 Fit For a King or a Notch on the Fundamentalist’s Belt?

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

Here we are. NBA Finals. Game 7. Miami Heat versus San Antonio Spurs. LeBron James’ legacy is at stake. Tim Duncan’s place in the annals of the NBA are at stake. Everything comes down to this game.

Up to this point, the NBA Finals has been a series of ebbs and flows. A back-and-forth battle. Neither team has won consecutive games. Both teams have won a close game. Both teams hold two blowout victories. Both teams have won games thanks to key contributions from role players. Both teams have won games thanks to aging star players stepping into a time machine and regaining talents that seemed to have been lost. And most shocking of all, both teams have lost games thanks to miscues by their coaches.

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Miami Heat Force Game 7 After San Antonio Chokes Away Game 6

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man

Is it considered a choke to blow a 10-point fourth quarter lead on the road against the best team in the NBA? I say yes.

San Antonio wasted the best game Tim Duncan has had in five seasons. San Antonio wasted a game in which LeBron James was held in check by Boris Diaw for three quarters. San Antonio missed two of four free throws in the final 28 seconds. They had a chance to win their fifth title and send Manu and Duncan off on top, but their buttholes got tight and they gave away a golden opportunity at a title. [Read more...]

Manu Ginobili Is Not Done Yet

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

Sunday night, the San Antonio Spurs inched closer to clinching their fifth NBA Championship in 14 seasons, with a 114-104 victory over the Miami Heat. The Spurs now have a 3-2 advantage, due in large part by the NBA’s new three-point sniper, Danny Green, and the awakening of a Spur all-time great.

Excuse me. Give me a second. Let me get into my Charles Barkley mode. Okay, I’m there.


Forget Being Robin, Dwyane Wade Brought Flash Back

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

Before the Miami Heat won their first NBA Championship in 2006, Dwyane Wade was dubbed ‘Flash’ by the King of Nicknames, Shaquille O’Neal, since joining forces with LeBron James, Wade has been asked to be ‘Robin’ to James’ ‘Batman’. After Game 3, every Miami Heat player and coach said that they needed to be more aggressive, and on Thursday night, they brought plenty of aggression to the table. The Heat needed Flash back, and he showed up with a vengeance.

After the game, LeBron said, “That dude was amazing, he was ’06 Flash, and we needed every bit of it tonight.” I could not agree more, LeBron. Wade needed to be Flash again. He needed to get in the paint and finish at the rim. He needed to stop settling for long jumpers, and if he was left open he needed to take the jumper instead of hesitating and pump-faking. [Read more...]