Breaking Bad Review for the Non-TV Viewer

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru

Let me begin by saying I do not ordinarily watch network television programming. I find regular network shows to generally be unimaginative and insipid. In the last five years, I can count the number of television shows that I have watched more than once on one hand. But I have seen and heard with interest the conversation surrounding Breaking Bad over the last few years. So be aware, as my story goes on here today, if you haven’t seen it, there will be spoilers galore. So if you haven’t seen it, you should probably stop reading now. But before you leave, head to the bottom of the page and give it a “like.”

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We have reached the Championship of the TV Bracket. The last two standing are Breaking Bad and Cheers. Editor-in-Chief Chris Stuckey will be making the case for Breaking Bad and resident Funnyman Stephen Thomas is arguing for Cheers.

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We have reached the Final Four of the TV Bracket. Who will reach the championship? Vote!


#1 Breaking Bad vs #2 Friends

This Final Four matchup pits two titans of their respective genres. In one corner, Breaking Bad, the dark comedy/drama that owned pop culture for the last three years. Across the ring, Friends, the perennial 90’s comedy that spawned dozens of imitators featuring characters sitting around a table, cracking wise. Breaking Bad is the more recent cultural phenomenon, but Friends was a trendsetter in its time also.

Breaking Bad’s finale was the biggest thing on television since the Sopranos finale, drawing 10.28 million viewers. Friends? The NBC show averaged double that for it’s entire run, including 52.5 million viewers for “The Last One.” In the end, both shows gave the culture exactly what it needed. In Breaking Bad, viewers saw a dark, irresistible turn from high school teacher to murderous drug crimelord. Friends may not have been so obviously ground-breaking, but it was subtly part of the culture for a solid decade, most of that in the top five. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Friends ratings actually went up and it became the #1 show.

As much as Breaking Bad captivated our attention, it never spawned a hairstyle, a “How YOU doin’?” or a million Chandler impressions. Just
sayin’. – Reid Kerr

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#1 MASH vs #2 Cheers

So the Bracket Challenge is down to the Final Four, and our first matchup is Cheers vs M*A*S*H*. This is not a surprise matchup, as anyone over the age of 35 who knows anything about sitcoms would likely have both of these shows at minimum in their top 10, most likely top 5. It’s also intriguing because both shows writing staffs were headed by the legendary sitcom writing team of Ken Levine and David Isaacs, who not only helmed these two juggernaut shows, but also Frasier, as well as Becker and of course Almost Perfect (Thank you! Thank you!). I reached out to Mr Levine, and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions about these two shows, which might help potential voters out there decide. – Stephen Thomas

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TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Sunnydale Region

TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Sunnydale Region continues…


#1 MASH vs #2 The Simpsons

It’s been all chalk up to this point. Can MASH continue the trend or will The Simpsons emerge victorious and earn a Final Four berth? Your vote decides.

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TV Bracket Sweet Sixteen: The Sunnydale Region


The Sweet Sixteen continues…

Sunnydale Region


#1 MASH vs #4 I Love Lucy

This matchup has Generation X written all over it. Will MASH continue its run for championship by besting Lucy? Vote and we’ll find out.

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#2 The Simpsons vs #3 Arrested Development

It’s an intriguing matchup with a spot in the Elite Eight on the line. Both the Simpsons and the Bluthes have dysfunctional family written all over them. Who prevails? That’s your decision.

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TV Bracket Round of 32: The Sunnydale Region

Sunnydale-Collage-32The Round of 32 continues…

Sunnydale Region


#1 MASH vs #9 Scrubs

MASH is the favorite but Scrubs is poised for the upset. J.D., Elliot and Turk lead the attack against the MASH unit with hopes of a Sweet Sixteen berth.

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#2 The Simpsons vs #7 ER

Homer Simpson vs George Clooney. Ned Flaners vs Noah Wyle. It’s network television’s longest show and a show that helped NBC dominate primetime for so many years.

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#3 Arrested Development vs #6 Survivor

Could you call it Ron Howard vs Jeff Probst? Maybe but either way the Bluthes are favored over the reality TV show that might never end.

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#4 I Love Lucy vs #5 Law & Order

Can Lucy and Ricky buck that old school tag and put away the leading legal drama? It’s up to you.

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TV Bracket Round of 64: The Sunnydale Region Continued

Click here for MORE form the Sunnydale Region, including The League, Arrested Development, Dexter, The Simpsons, MASH, and more!


#5 Law & Order vs #12 The Walking Dead

One show is about a cop who wakes up from a post-shooting coma to find a post-apocalyptic world overrun by undead Zombies. The other show is a police-procedural legal drama that had a couple of characters who began to look like the undead before the show ended.

Law & Order is tied for second with Gunsmoke on the list for longest running scripted shows in television history at 20 seasons, and has spawned additional shows, creating a franchise with additional TV movies, video games and international versions of the series still in production.

The Walking Dead was an adaptation of a comic book series of the same name and reflects the entertainment industries fascination with zombies that has resurfaced in the last decade or so. The series runs on cable network AMC and has broken many basic cable show records with the most recent being a record 16.1 million viewers for the Season 4 premiere. – Johnny Griffith

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TV Bracket Round of 64: The Sunnydale Region


The time has finally come. You have filled out your bracket to the best of your ability and you’re primed to begin the elimination process. The Round of 64 voting begins…now.

Sunnydale Region


#1 MASH vs #16 The League

This is a matchup that should be a no contest. You’ve got the show that for 27 years held the record for the most watched TV show in U.S. History versus a fringe show on a fringe network. These two shows couldn’t be more different in their subject matter and cultural significance. While technically both are comedies, MASH had a tendency to make us cry as it frequently tackled social, moral and ethical issues against the backdrop of the Korean War. The League tackles the social, moral and ethical issues surrounding the inner workings of a fantasy football league and the half crazed members that participate. Don’t get me wrong, I like The League, it makes me laugh and I’ve either been those people or know those people, but does it have the multi-demographic currency to carry it past the former record holder? – Johnny Griffith

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By Trey Martin
PSDC Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, it is only a matter of time before the TV Bracket Challenge begins and just like LeBron going down with cramps, you never know what can happen next!


As with any competition there is always some jerk out there that will decide to state his opinion on the outcome and present them as facts as if no other outcome could be possible. Well my friends, I’m your huckleberry (can I put a movie quote in a TV show competition discussion?). So my sophisticated friends grab your finest brandy (or malt liquor) and you ladies your favorite bottle of wine (or your favorite –rita variation of Bud Lite drinks) and sit back as we contemplate what show is, the all important, greatest show of all time. [Read more…] TV Bracket Announcement

It’s time to debut the TV Bracket. We have selected a field of 64 and now it’s up to you to decide the rest. Voting will begin later this week.

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