NASCAR Fantasy Preview – Aaron’s 499 (Talladega)

By Travis Reinsch
PSDC NASCAR Correspondent


Richmond Recap:

Horrendous is the word that probably best describes my lineup last week. Bowyer (43rd), Hamlin (22nd), Stenhouse Jr (38th) and Larson (16th) ended up dropping me almost 40,000 spots in the rankings.

The worst part was that I had Kyle Busch (3rd), Newman (8th) and Edwards (9th) all sitting on my bench collecting dust. The only decent thing I accomplished was finally starting the right rookie as Larson ended up 11 spots ahead of Dillon. I’m hoping you all had better luck. It can’t get much worse for me this week…can it? Just not my year so far, but I’m not about to quit now. [Read more…]

Fantasy Racing Preview (Yahoo) – Daytona 500

By Travis Reinsch
PSDC NASCAR Correspondent

I will focus on the fantasy racing game on Yahoo because that is the one I play. I will try to keep my tips general enough for folks who play in different games also. You can also tweet me questions and I’ll try to answer them all. I like the Yahoo game because it’s pretty simple, free to play and fun. The downside to this game is that you MUST check your team at least once a week to even stand a chance to be competitive. So it’s definitely geared towards die-hard fans who don’t mind keeping up with things on a daily basis. There is no smart phone app yet for some reason but I’m hoping it gets added soon.



There are three separate groups of drivers to choose from, these groups will not change at all during the season. Each week you start a driver from Group A, two from Group B and another from Group C. You are also allowed the same amount of drivers in each group on your bench. You only accumulate race points from the drivers in your starting lineup however, with the exception of qualifying where your whole team is eligible to earn points if they qualify in one of the top four spots. The most interesting part of this game is that you can only use each driver in nine total races during the season. [Read more…]