Way Too Early Top Ten for the 2016 CFB Season

By: David Parks
Twitter: @_Parksie

This is the way too early preseason top ten.  Chances are I don’t like your team and obviously have them too low.  SPOILER:  No poll really matters until mid-October (Except this one).

Off we go…

The real reason Nick Saban is smiling? The #1 ranking in this poll obviously

The real reason Nick Saban is smiling? The #1 ranking in this poll obviously

1) Alabama

Yes Derrick Henry is gone. Yes they’re likely losing three defensive linemen to the first round along with their middle linebacker. Yes their defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach is leaving. But we’ve seen this script before, and when has it mattered? The Tide are stocked at every position on the field and until the head coach himself leaves, it won’t matter which of his assistants come and go. [Read more…]

Spike Albrecht Should be a Role Model to Us All

Spike Albrecht is using his 15 minutes to throw game at Kate Upton. He should be a role model to us all.

PSDC NCAA Championship Humor-Filled In-Game Discussion

Brant Wilkerson-New, Robbie Marbury, Thornton Mountford and Chris Stuckey banded together and partook in a live running discussion during the NCAA Championship. The guys talk a little bit of basketball and a lot random stuff. Hilarity ensues as you have come to expect on ProjectShanks.com. Enjoy.

Brant: Just settling in and checking out the lines. Michigan is at +4 right now, and I’d imagine it will rise by game time. Should I go in now, or try to get +4.5?

Stuckey: Wait for +4.5. It’s usually best to get in late. Matt Bellner taught me that.

Brant: Going to take Parks’ advice and take u13.5 for largest lead, for sure.

Stuckey: That prop surprises me. I mean the spread is 4. Seems like 13.5 is pretty high.

Brant: I can’t see Beilein letting it get away like that in a big game. Michigan only lost by double digits once all season. If anything, they might build the bigger lead before Louisville rallies late.

Stuckey: I agree 100%. It’s times like this, I wish I hadn’t lost my bankroll on the coin toss of the Super Bowl. Tails always fails.

Brant: College football undid my work in the NBA Finals, in a matter of three weeks. Thanks for nothing, Lane Kiffin.

Stuckey: Maybe we shouldn’t bet on sports. I’ll look into the odds on if Ray J did in fact hit it first.

Brant: Having unfortunately stumbled upon that link, I believe that Ray J did, in fact, hit it first. T-Pain agrees. [Read more…]

Rooting for the Enemy? Not Me

By Keith Alrick
PSDC Writer 

Tonight’s NCAA title game features two big conference teams with passionate fan bases. Those fan bases are obviously on cloud nine right now but what about the fans of their rival schools? It’s a dilemma that happens nearly every year for certain fan bases. Do you root for your rival because they represent your conference or state or do you root against them?  I went to Twitter and found examples of fans from the rival schools and their take on who they are rooting for tonight.

@Zach_OutLoud: If you claim to be a Kentucky fan and you are rooting for Louisville tonight you can go play in traffic 

@ucbulldog: I’m a huge UK fan but gotta admit I’m rooting for the cards… They are from Kentucky ppl… Hope they bring it home….  [Read more…]

Sweet 16 Game-By-Game Breakdowns

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Specialist

And just like that, the best four-day stretch of the American sports calendar is gone. What a four days it was. From the shocking upsets to the amazing finishes, the first weekend of March Madness in unlike anything else in the sports world.

So how’s everyone doing in their bracket pools? If you had Harvard winning first round, give yourself a pat on the bat. If you had Florida Gulf Coast, La Salle and Wichita State in the Sweet 16 take a bo…nah, you’re lying. And that’s what makes March Madness so great. The fact that millions of people in the world fill out brackets and yet despite their bracket being completely soiled after four days, nobody cares because we were treated to some of the most amazing stories the tournament has produced this year.

Of course the stories start with a little-known school by the name of Florida Gulf Coast. Not only did the Eagles beat Georgetown, they looked like the better team against the Hoyas AND their second round opponent, San Diego State. It’s not just that they became the first 15-seed to advance to the round of 16, it’s how they did it. Against Georgetown and SDSU, they were getting out and running, throwing alley-oops and slamming home misses. They are, Cinderella.

Florida Gulf-Coast in the Sweet 16? It's what March Madness is all about.

[Read more…]

Weekend Watch: College Hoops

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Specialist

Another week, another No. 1 team bites the dust.  Last night in Champaign the Fighting Illini not only shocked the Hoosiers, but the entire country as they scored a layup as time expired off an inbounds play. That makes it five consecutive weeks the No. 1 team has gone down including both No. 1 and No. 2 going down this week.

The Illini shocked No. 1 ranked Indiana on Thursday night

Last weekend featured several big time matchups between ranked teams in power conferences. In the SEC, Florida continued their domination by throttling Ole Miss at home. Unfortunately for the Gators, their dominance came crashing to an end on Tuesday as they were run over at Arkansas. Elsewhere, the Hoosiers topped Michigan in what was the game of the week to reclaim the No. 1 ranking (even if it was only for a week). [Read more…]

Weekend Watch: College Hoops

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Specialist

As the calendar turns to February, we are officially in the dog days of conference play where top teams must be on their guard every night to avoid being upset. The top teams all have bullseyes on their backs, and as a result, get every team’s best effort night in and night out.

Last weekend was void of matchups between ranked teams but that didn’t mean there weren’t any upsets. Louisville fell for the third time in a row at Georgetown, while New Mexico was suffocated at Viejas Arena by San Diego State. This weekend features three games that feature two ranked teams:  Miami visits NC State, Ole Miss visits Florida and Michigan travels to Indiana to battle the Hoosiers in what will be a matchup of No. 1 vs. No. 3. Both teams are 6-1 in the Big Ten and it is, up to this point in the season, the game of the year in college hoops. ESPN’s College Gameday will be in Bloomington to set the table for the showdown between two teams that could very well cut down the nets in March.

Last week we regained some of our mojo, bouncing back from a 2-4 week with a nice 5-1 showing. So what does this weekend have on tap for us? Who will take control of the conference races as we move into February? For answers to these questions and more, we delve into the first Weekend Watch of February.

(1) Michigan at (3) Indiana – 9:00 p.m. EST [Read more…]

Weekend Watch: College Hoops

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Specialist

As the college basketball season presses on, more and more teams are finding out just how difficult it is to win on the road in conference.  Already this week, we’ve seen six ranked teams fall on the road including No. 1 Duke getting steam rolled by 27 at Miami on Wednesday.  The thing that makes college hoops so great is the level playing fields.  Sure most of the bigger schools like the Dukes and UCLAs get the blue chip recruits, but it’s the schools like a Miami or like a Butler that have a core group of guys that have played together for three or four years.  It’s why now more than ever, the Norfolk States of the world are upsetting the Missouris come March. [Read more…]

College Basketball Rewind and Fast Forward

By Keith Alrick
PSDC Contributor

What We Learned Over the Weekend:

Duke and Michigan, the last two unbeaten teams, went on the road this weekend and both came home with their first defeat. Neither loss was a huge surprise considering they were each playing top 20 teams on the road but it reinforces the idea that this year is wide open. Ohio State and N.C. State clearly had the two best wins of the weekend but a few other teams came away with impressive victories. Wisconsin beat No. 12 Illinois by 23 to improve to a surprising 3-0 in the Big Ten. In a matchup of two top ten teams, No. 5 Indiana beat No. 8 Minnesota 88-81 and Ole Miss knocked off No. 10 Missouri to improve to 13-2. [Read more…]

Weekend Pickoff: College Hoops

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Specialist

The first full week of conference play is almost in the books, but already we’ve seen some upsets and crazy finishes. [Read more…]

A College Football Fan’s Guide to College Basketball Season

By David Parks
PSDC NCAA Specialist

It’s been a minute since I’ve cranked out an article for Project Shanks, but alas I have returned.  Unfortunately college football isn’t played year round, but college sports junkies like myself need not fret, for college hoops is in full swing as we continue into the new year. [Read more…]

College Football Power Rankings: Week 1

By David Parks
PSDC Staff 

College Football Power Rankings after Week 1: (Preseason rank in parenthesis) [Read more…]