Major League Baseball’s Review at the Two-Thirds Point

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru


Major league baseball is at the 2/3 mark of the 2015 season and begs for a review. These are the dog days, heading into mid-August with sellers selling and buyers hoping to rent their way to top of the heap. Re: Toronto Blue Jays. [Read more…]

If You Write It, They Will Read It

By Troy Gabaldon
PSDC Contributor

I love baseball and I love movies. So obviously, I love movies that are about baseball. From “If you build it, he will come” in Field of Dreams to Crash Davis hitting dingers in Bull Durham to the Wild Thing throwing heat in Major League, I can’t get enough of movies about America’s pastime.


If I had to pick my all-time favorite, I would have to say it’s The Natural with Robert Redford. The mythical tale of “the best to ever play the game” Roy Hobbs. Roy Hobbs, what a great name. As we all know, Hobbs’s career gets sidetracked on his way to play pro baseball and it takes years for him to make it to the majors. When he finally gets his chance, he shows the baseball world what he can do and it is awesome. He’s way past his prime but he makes the best of his last chance to play the game he loves so much. It’s a beautiful sports fairy tale. [Read more…]

Major League Baseball Quarter-Pole Report

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru

Memorial Day is roughly the quarter pole of the Major League Baseball season, and along with July 4 and Labor Day, holidays that not only mark progress for your favorite team, but offer All-American encouragement to eat copious amounts of food and to drink until death. So assuming you haven’t taken the last suggestion literally, you can read here my observations of the first quarter of baseball season. Please keep in mind I am a Cub fan so therefore distracted with visions of Bryant and Lester leading fantastic post season charges, culminating with topless women in the streets of Chicago. I may not be completely objective.


One overriding observation from the beginning of the season is that in the wake of the retirement of Derek Jeter, the game is in good hands of youngsters such as Mike Trout, Joc Pederson, Anthony Rizzo, Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant. It’s difficult for me to remember an era when such a plethora of young, accomplished star players has taken a toehold in the majors. Each of the names I mentioned is appointment viewing for fans. If you are more a fan of dominant pitching, Matt Harvey and a couple of his mound mates in New York should satisfy your appetite. Big free agent signees Max Scherzer and Jon Lester squared off yesterday at Wrigley with Scherzer getting the better of it. This time. Compelling matchups abound in baseball this year. Chris Sale of the White Sox faced off against reigning AL Cy Young winner Cory Kluber last week in one of the most fun and interesting pitching duels I’ve ever seen. Though the Indians lost 2-1, Kluber was dominant and left me to wonder, how the hell did he start the season 0-5 as he did? There hasn’t been a better time in recent history for baseball fans. Do yourself a favor and catch a few of these matchups. [Read more…]

2015 MLB Predictions

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru


Baseball season kicks off on Sunday night with the Cubs and Cardinals in the first ever opening night game at Wrigley Field. The Cubs are teeming with hope this year, as with every year. This year though, the hope actually has some actual talent with which to base itself on. This isn’t another Cubs story though, these are my predictions for the upcoming baseball season. Division races, wild cards and the World Series. As a bonus I’m throwing in the individual postseason awards. So sit back, take a look and then let me know what you think. Play ball! [Read more…]

2013 MLB Team Preview: Los Angeles Angels

By Ryan Schofield
PSDC Sports Dude

Last offseason the Angels signed the biggest star on the market, giving Albert Pujols a 30-year, $800 million dollar contract, or maybe it just felt that way. Albert’s deal was actually 10 years, $240 million but it looked like a disaster when Pujols started the season with the worst slump of his career. He didn’t’ hit his first home run until May 6, at which time his batting average was .196.

Luckily a week before that, a player arrived that would make everyone forget about Pujols’ struggles.  On April 28, Mike Trout embarked on the beginning of a dream season. A season in which he’d finish second in the MVP race only because the man who finished first won the first triple crown since 1967. Trout put up the kind of numbers that a superstar in his prime would happily sell his soul for, and he did it as a 21-year-old rookie.  Pujols, for his part, heated up in the summer and even though he finished batting 288, his lowest average of his career, he still managed 30 home runs, 50 doubles and 105 RBI.

The Angels narrowly missed the playoffs in the extremely tough AL West, being beaten out for the division by the surprising Oakland A’s and the not as surprising Texas Rangers.  So what did they do? They signed the Rangers best hitter, Josh Hamilton, to a five-year, $125 million dollar, adding a cleanup hitter and severely weakening their AL West rival.

It certainly doesn’t appear the AL West will get less interesting this year. Here’s your 2013 MLB Preview of the Los Angeles Angels. [Read more…]