D&B Radio Talk Dak Prescott Autograph Machine Controversy, Who won NBA Offseason, and Whether the Rangers Should Trade Yu Darvish

Back again after a short hiatus, Darreck and Brennan browse the sports landscape for news, as well as a friendly debate/gentlemen’s’ bet. This should be fun!


Sports Enyi Time: Talking NBA Draft, Free Agency & Blockbuster Trades

Back again after a short break, Sports Enyi Time is here to talk NBA Draft, free agency, and to discuss a few blockbuster trades that have already gone down. Check it out!

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Project Shanks NBA Preview: Northwest Division

By Matthew Carpenter
PSDC Writer


Projected Order Of Finish

1. Blazers. I’m going there. The Blazers are thin, but man can they score. There’s not a better point/post offensive duo than Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge. I went there too. I’m also a big Nicolas Batum fan. The Blazers have to score 100+ to win, but they’re able to do that most of the time. Some believe Portland is a prime candidate to take a step back in a ruthless conference. My response is that Lillard just turned 24 and for each birthday he’s gifted more ice for his veins. He’s one of my favorite players to watch and only getting better. The Blazers only have a handful of national telecasts for the first half of the season so they’re a great League Pass team if that’s your thing.


Say ‘Hello’ to: Chris Kaman! Reluctant to begin his post-NBA career as an evolutionary biology class specimen, the Caveman tries to jumpstart his career after an uninspiring turn with the Lakers. And the Blazers desperately need his help. [Read more…]

Mavericks Fend Off Pelicans, Win Second in a Row

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Dallas Mavericks Beat Writer

It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but then trips to New Orleans rarely are for the Mavericks. Though Dallas has now won three of its past four in the Big Easy, they’d loss their last 11 before that. And while Chris Paul may have been the most notable cause for that unwanted streak, New Orleans has remained a difficult place for Mark Cuban’s Mavericks.


Dirk Nowitzki scored just 21 points but it was his clutch plays late, with the exception of a missed free throw that nearly came back to haunt the Mavs, that sealed the victory. To put it simply, Dirk was Dirk, though not just in the way we’ve come to use that phrase. Nowitzki came up with two huge blocks late under the basket that changed the game’s momentum and allowed Dallas to steal one against the feisty Pelicans on the road. [Read more…]

DeMarcus Cousins and the NBA Draft Trade Market

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man

Sacramento Kings trying to trade DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is the biggest name on the trade marked right now. He is a phenomenal talent, but he is also a phenomenal knucklehead. He has been sent home after fighting a teammate, he has been suspended for an altercation with San Antonio Spurs commentator Sean Elliott and he tried to fight Blake Griffin. Even with all those red flags, he is still a very good player. Last season, he posted 17.1 ppg and 9.9 rpg in 30.5 mpg. [Read more…]

2013 NBA Draft Lottery: Team-by-Team Needs

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man

Tonight, the NBA announced the winners of the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery. It goes without saying, if you are in the lottery you need a lot of help, but each team has a different need. This is how the lottery shook out and what needs each team needs to address in the draft this season.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- SF, PF, C, SG

Cleveland is the only really bad team that already has a superstar, Kyrie Irving, now they need to get him some help. The really need an outside shooter at the two-guard or small forward position. Also, finding a replacement for Anderson Varejao needs to be addressed.

2. Orlando Magic- PG, PF, C, SG

Orlando only has one point-guard under contract and that is overpaid, under-talented, 31-year-old Jameer Nelson. Orlando has several young pieces from the Dwight Howard trade, but they don’t have a go-to scorer or a player that can get in the lane and make plays for others.

3. Washington Wizards- SF, PF, C

With John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wizards are set in the backcourt. Washington needs to add more rebounding and better interior defense. A small forward that can shoot will help space the floor and open up the lane for Wall and Beal.  [Read more…]

Minnesota Timberwolves: 2012 Summer League Roster

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Contributor

Minnesota has a lot of young players that just haven’t had the chance to prove themselves.  The summer is the perfect time to find your niche on a team.  The Wolves were in the playoff hunt last season before losing Ricky Rubio.  They are an up and coming team that is full of young guys needing to learn how to win and win now.  Minnesota has been in the market for a small forward since the Clinton administration, so if there is one on their summer league roster, he will definitely find himself with a roster spot.

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