Wait a minute, the Knicks might actually know what they are doing

By Jake Hyman
PSDC NBA Insider

Say it ain’t so.

We sit here in early July; the early frenzy of free agency calming to a simmer, the NBA Draft in the rear-view mirror, and the New York Knicks being in a state of utter chaos.


“Wait, what’s that?

They aren’t? [Read more…]

NBA Free Agency Looms: Which players need to be watched?

By Matt Rogers
PSDC Fantasy Expert

Our friends down in San Antonio have barely begun sobering up from their title celebration, the NBA rookie draft is on deck for this Thursday, NBA free agency begins next Tuesday and the NBA world is awash with chaos and speculation. The bank of fog rolling across the NBA landscape is so thick several Vegas books have pulled all future odds on NBA championships. Things are very unsettled right now. The word frenzy has popped up. Here is my best effort to help everyone understand just what is going on.


Over the next few days leading up to the draft and the free agency mayhem that follows the next week, expect the stories and speculation about who is going where to grow exponentially. While the biggest stories will focus will be on Carmelo Anthony and Miami’s Big Three, numerous other players may be on the market with the potential to change the playoff picture of the NBA. To keep track of everything in the midst of this madness, first we must identify the players. Here is a look at some of the biggest names likely to draw attention as free agency looms. Let’s start with the champs. [Read more…]

Why This Summer May Change the Entire Landscape of the NBA

By Jake Hyman
PSDC Writer & Host of the New York Sports Minute Podcast

Let the rumor mill churn.

The NBA free agency period is nearing and practically nothing is a guarantee between now and the end of July.

No guarantees but plenty of questions.

Photo Credit: NBA.com

Photo Credit: NBA.com

Like, will LeBron James stay in Miami? Subsequently, what do Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh do? [Read more…]

Go Fish: New York Knicks Name Derek Fisher Head Coach

By Jake Hyman
PSDC Writer & Host of the New York Sports Minute Podcast

It took long enough.

But here we are on June 10 and the Knicks finally get their man, or their second man, or their third man, who knows.

We all do know Steve Kerr was Phil Jackson’s, president of basketball operations, first choice. And we all know that didn’t work for a multitude of reasons.

It appeared Derek Fisher was Jackson’s backup plan, considering he would retire after being eliminated from the playoffs with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

That happened and a little over a week later Derek Fisher is sitting alongside Phil Jackson and general manager Steve Mills at a press conference on a Tuesday morning in New York. [Read more…]

Mike Woodson Out as Knicks Coach as Jackson Starts Rebuilding Process

By Jake Hyman
PSDC Writer & Host of the New York Sports Minute Podcast

If you thought you had a rough Monday, just ask Mike Woodson how his day started.


The beleaguered coach of the New York Knicks was “relieved of his duties” (I love that terminology) early Monday by team president Phil Jackson. Woodson, along with the rest of his staff, were fired after a disappointing 37-45 season in which the team failed to qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2010. [Read more…]

The Zen Master Arrives: Phil Jackson Can Save The Knicks

By Jake Hyman
PSDC Writer

He’s here. It actually happened. Phil Jackson is officially back with the New York Knicks.

No, not as coach where he won 11 championships with the Bulls and Lakers, or as a 68-year-old power forward where he won two championships as a Knick, albeit at a younger age. [Read more…]

D’Antoni is Da’ Man For The Lakers

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Basketball Jones 

In the early morning hours on Monday the Los Angeles Lakers named Mike D’Antoni their new head coach.  I’m guessing the Lakers were trying to lessen the blow to Laker fans that had hopes on Phil Jackson being the new coach….again.  In the previous two days, we heard constantly that the job was all but wrapped up for Phil Jackson, but Phil was asking too much.   [Read more…]

Lakers Fire Brown, Who’s Got Next?

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Basketball Jones 

Friday afternoon the Los Angeles Lakers relieved head coach Mike Brown of his duties with the team.  After the Lakers got off to a less than stellar 1-4 start, many expected Brown to be on the hot-seat, but being fired this early in the season has raised some red flags.  Mike Brown was in his second season with the Lakers and had compiled an overall record of 42-29. [Read more…]

Could the Orlando Magic hire Phil Jackson?

By Bobby Roberts
PS.com Staff 

The Orlando Sentinel reported last week that Phil Jackson was a serious candidate for either the Orlando Magic’s coaching vacancy or to fill a spot in their front office. The talks were rumored to fall apart last week, but former Magic player Sam Vincent sparked them back up.

Vincent played with the Chicago Bulls while Jackson was an assistant and he spent the final portion of his playing career with Orlando. He is trying to broker a deal that would land Jackson and other well-known basketball figures in Orlando.

Jackson has a large compound in Montana and his girlfriend is in the Los Angeles Lakers front office. Would Jackson be able to commit enough time in Orlando? Would Dwight Howard stay if the Magic hired Jackson? [Read more…]