2016 NFL Draft Big Board (2.0)

By David Parks

Sadly, the end of college football is here.

“Trapped in a show hole?”

“Nah… Trapped in a sports hole.”

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2016 NFL Draft Big Board (1.0)

By David Parks
Twitter: @_Parksie

As the end of the college football season draws near, players will make their intentions known on whether or not they will chase their NFL dreams or return to school for their senior year(s).  With that, comes the inevitable task of ranking draft prospects.

It’s one of the most exact inexact sciences that exist.  Few teams do it well, and even then, there’s no such thing as a perfect draft.

Even a guy like Joey Bosa isn't a sure bet

Even a guy like Joey Bosa isn’t a sure bet

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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: Offensive Line

By Aaron Hyden
PSDC College Football Contributor

Year in and year out, football teams of both the professional and collegiate variety produce star after star on offense, with quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and the occasional tight end getting all the publicity for making things happen. Almost without fail, though, the offensive linemen on those teams don’t get the recognition they deserve for what they do. Your team’s running game is the best around? Thank the “hog mollies” that are paving the way up front. Your team’s QB is putting up all kinds of big passing numbers? Thank his blockers for keeping him upright.

This year’s group of O-Line prospects features another group of stud tackles at the top, followed by depth at all three positions to round things out. NFL teams need to build their franchises around players like this, and there will be a couple more squads to have that opportunity next year.

1. Laremy Tunsil, Tackle, Ole Miss – A very athletic blocker with the ability to succeed in the running or passing games, Tunsil came into college as a heavily-recruited player, and has lived up to the hype. He’s super quick out of his stance when the ball is snapped, which allows him to take on speed rushers coming in off the edge, where that athleticism comes in handy and keeps him fighting.

Photo Credit: USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today

In the run game, he uses his skill set to push holes open for his backs. Although he possesses a lot of strength, he doesn’t play in an offense that allows him to truly showcase it all the time. He isn’t what is considered a “road grader,” as he more finesses his way through run blocking, so he’ll have to show more of his power in 2015 if he wants to prove to NFL teams that he is the total package. [Read more…]