If You Write It, They Will Read It

By Troy Gabaldon
PSDC Contributor

I love baseball and I love movies. So obviously, I love movies that are about baseball. From “If you build it, he will come” in Field of Dreams to Crash Davis hitting dingers in Bull Durham to the Wild Thing throwing heat in Major League, I can’t get enough of movies about America’s pastime.


If I had to pick my all-time favorite, I would have to say it’s The Natural with Robert Redford. The mythical tale of “the best to ever play the game” Roy Hobbs. Roy Hobbs, what a great name. As we all know, Hobbs’s career gets sidetracked on his way to play pro baseball and it takes years for him to make it to the majors. When he finally gets his chance, he shows the baseball world what he can do and it is awesome. He’s way past his prime but he makes the best of his last chance to play the game he loves so much. It’s a beautiful sports fairy tale. [Read more…]