2016 NFL Draft Prospects: Safeties

By Aaron Hyden
PSDC College Football Contributor

In football, safeties are literally and figuratively the last line of defense, sometimes the only things between opposing offenses and the end zone. More and more, safeties are asked to be Jacks of All Trades, capable of playing against the run or the pass, and to see the entire field play out in front of them. This requires people playing the position to be smart, instinctive and to have the ability to be versatile in what they do. This year’s class of safeties is certainly no different, with many players who have experience at multiple positions, or in multiple schemes.

1. Nate Andrews, Florida State – Perhaps the surest tackler of any safety in the country, Andrews is a tough, physical player that plays all over the field. He isn’t the biggest (5’11”, 210 pounds) or fastest (4.52 40) player you’re going to find, but with his intelligence, instincts and nose for the football, he doesn’t have to be.

Photo Credit: Florida State Athletics

Photo Credit: Florida State Athletics

One of Florida State’s top leaders, he leads by example and is, arguably, the hardest worker on the team. His teammates love his attitude, and they play hard for him. That type of leadership, especially at a young age, is very attractive to NFL front offices, who are often dealing with “me first” types of players. [Read more…]

Daily Randomness: November 1, 2013

By Johnny Griffith
PSDC Director of Randomness

Random Scotch of the Day: The Glenlivet

Random Cigar of the Day: The Edge-Sumatra by Rocky Patel

Random Athletes Who Can’t Act of the Day:

Random Site of the Day: www.brotips.com

Random Sports Stat of the Day:

The Dolphins defeated the Bengals on Thursday, 22-20, on only the third overtime safety in NFL history – Cameron Wake sacked Andy Dalton in the end-zone for the winning points. The first occurred when the Vikings’ Mike Merriweather blocked a Rams punt in 1989 and the second instance was in 2004 when the Bears’ Adewale Ogunleye sacked the Titans’ Billy Volek in the end-zone.

Wake is the third player since 1982, when the NFL began recording sacks for defensive players, to have at least three sacks and a safety in a game his team won by one or two points. The others were Dan Hampton (Bears vs. Packers, 1986) and Bryce Paup (Packers vs. Buccaneers, 1991).


Source: www.espn.com