Major League Baseball’s Review at the Two-Thirds Point

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru


Major league baseball is at the 2/3 mark of the 2015 season and begs for a review. These are the dog days, heading into mid-August with sellers selling and buyers hoping to rent their way to top of the heap. Re: Toronto Blue Jays. [Read more…]

Kris Bryant…For Those Paying Attention

By Joe Hines
PSDC Rock Star

Do you know what you do when the Blackhawks are getting outskated by the inferior Columbus Blue Jackets? If you are like me, your mind wanders to the Cubs, and more specifically, the often debated subject of whether the Cubs should break camp with Kris Bryant on the roster or send him down to AAA Iowa to start the 2015 season.


As usual, I try to think outside the box a little and pay attention to what the principals are saying. Just play along with me while I lay out a case that I haven’t seen yet from anyone. Not national, not local. Just here. [Read more…]

Bears Hunt Fox, Snag the Prize

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru

As I’ve been reporting for the last few days, the Chicago Bears officially hired John Fox as head coach today in the most anti-climactic coach hiring news in NFL history.

Photo Credit: USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today

The hiring was announced after days of speculation after Fox interviewed at Halas Hall on Wednesday, then bolted for Denver. Newly hired general manager Ryan Pace, anxious to put his stamp on his first hire, chased him to Colorado, presumably not to score some weed. The word is that Pace and Fox have been bonding and trying to figure out what the hell they are going to do with Jay Cutler. Hammering out contract terms has also been a priority the past 24 hours. According to intrepid Fox reporter Jay Glazer, the deal is for four years. No other financial details are available. [Read more…]

Tony Gwynn Succumbs to Cancer at the Age of 54

By Chris Stuckey

Another one has been lost far too soon. Not only was Tony Gwynn one of the good guys, he was one of the greatest to ever step up to the plate. After a four-year battle with mouth cancer, Gwynn passed Monday morning.


If you sit down and look at the stats, Gwynn’s career was truly incredible. Not only did it span 20 seasons, it never saw a significant dip in production. [Read more…]

5 Best MLB Over/Under Bets

By Matt Conley
PSDC Contributor

The first thing you notice when you look at Over/Under bets on a sportsbook is that the people who set the lines are very good at what they do. If you pick a number for a team, then cross reference that with the actual line, chances are your guess will be within a couple games of the line. If it isn’t, chances are it’s because you are misjudging something, not them. None of this means there isn’t money to be made. Bookmakers tend to undervalue certain types of teams. Lines get swung too high by flashy free agent signings that the public thinks will help a team more than they actually will. If you have a good understanding of what makes a team successful, you can jump on some value. The hardest part is waiting six months for your bet to pay off.

All lines from

Toronto Blue Jays (Over/Under 79.5 wins)


Under- I have never bought into this team. The pitching is never there. Last offseason, they made a big splash by trading for Cy Young winner RA Dickey, and most of the Marlins veterans. That didn’t work out the way GM Alex Anthopoulos thought it would. Sure, if Brandon Morrow and Jose Reyes stay healthy, Brett Lawrie breaks out, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion keep thumping and RA Dickey can get back to his elite form, this team will make noise. How likely are all those to happen in the same season, though? This team isn’t deep enough to have struggles from their top players. The back of the rotation isn’t pretty, and there are questions about the readiness of their AAA pitchers. A good rule of thumb: if a team seems to be getting the benefit of the doubt on their major question marks, jump on their under. [Read more…]

Carlos Quentin Over Zack Greinke By TKO

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Zack Greinke hit San Diego Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin with a 3-2 in the sixth inning of a one-run game on Thursday night. Baseball logic tells you it wasn’t intentional but Quentin did not share that sentiment. He charged the mound resulting in a bench-clearing brawl. Most baseball fights usually consist of a bunch of guys standing around with very little interest in actually throwing a punch. Unfortunately for Greinke, he left the game — by way of ejection — with a broken collarbone and a lengthy trip to DL in his future. Should Quentin be suspended? If so, how long should the suspension be?

Check out the video of the mayhem:

2013 MLB Team Preview: San Diego Padres

By Bobby Roberts
PSDC Staff

The biggest news to come out of San Diego this offseason is the Padres moving in the walls at PETCO Park. I’m not sure if doing that is a good move strategically. The team has been built around pitching since the park opened (13 of their top 20 prospects are pitching). Is this move a not-so-subtle way of increasing attendance?

Chase Headley and Carlos Quentin will benefit from the walls being moved in, but can their pitching hold up?

Can San Diego keep up with the Dodgers and Giants in the NL West?

Here is the 2013 MLB season preview for the San Diego Padres. [Read more…]