Project Shanks Monday Night Movie: Chef (2014)

By John Baggett
PSDC Pop Culture Guru

Project Shanks Monday Night Movie: Chef (2014)

Rating: **** 1/2 (out of 5)

The Monday Night Movie is back after a long, mostly unplanned hiatus, but things have calmed down in life for me to get back to this column. And since it is Labor Day, I could have totally done something on the nose, like review Jason Reitman’s film Labor Day, but that would be totes obvious, as the kids might say. (Don’t worry. I hate me for that sentence too.) And because I also can’t think of any Labor Day themed horror movies (because doing a Google search was out of the question), I am doing what I usually do every week – picking something completely at random! This week I am taking a look at the 2014 comedy from writer/director/actor Jon Favreau, Chef. [Read more…]

PSDC Movie Review: Lucy

By Samuel Ponce
PSDC Contributor

Although written and directed by a French man, Luc Besson, “Lucy” explores its wobbly and psychedelic plot through its titular character existing as an all American girl in a foreign country. This isn’t the first time Johansson has played a character that finds themselves in a distant country – Lost in Translation, 2003, dir. Sophia Coppola. This time she’s not throwing a pity party in the middle of Japan, she’s racing to reveal the secrets of the universe. Although the plot takes advantage of the myth that humans only use 10 percent of their brain, the movie is oddly human.


It all starts with a man – Doesn’t it always? After finding a Taipei love connection, Lucy is convinced into delivering a case to a mysterious man named Mr. Jang. After an oddly comedic scene, we discover that the contents of the briefcase are blue rocks – Oooh, even more mystery. [Read more…]

PSDC Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By David Demaret
PSDC Movie Man

The summer movie season used to start on Memorial Day. Then a few years ago it got moved up to the beginning of May instead of the end. Now, in an effort by the studios to avoid the increasingly overcrowded slate of mega-movies, it apparently starts on the first weekend of April, which is fine by me, because big loud American blockbusters are my favorite kind of movie.


With Marvel’s latest, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’s hard to imagine my favorite time of year getting off to a better start. I’m sure a decent chunk of the movie going public would prefer their blockbusters to be purely escapist fare; a fast paced visual spectacle free of present day topicality. However, in my opinion, the best sort of genre filmmaking both raises your heart rate and challenges you intellectually. In that regard, Winter Soldier just might be Marvel’s most satisfying movie, to date. I’m not saying it’s Paddy Chayefsky, but it may be as close to it as a comic book super hero movie can get.  [Read more…]

2014 MLB Preview: New York Yankees

By Johnny Griffith
PSDC Director of Randomness

Baseball, probably more so than any other sports, is about numbers. Everything that can be quantified in the sport is put onto a chart somewhere so that professional and amateur prognosticators alike (read sportscasters and fans) can spend countless unproductive hours debating the interpretation of said statistics. Keeping that in mind, to say that the numbers weren’t kind to the 2013 New York Yankees and their fans is like saying that Scarlett Johansson looks okay as the Black Widow; an understatement to say the least.

[Read more…]

Esquire Names Scarlett Johansson 2013’s Sexiest Woman Alive

By Chris Stuckey

According to Esquire Magazine, Scarlett Johansson is the sexiest woman alive. This is actually the second time that ScarJo has received this prestigious designation — the first time being in 2006.


The now 28-year-old actress is no longer single after getting engaged to former French journalist Romain Dauriac. It’s set to be her second marriage after divorcing her first husband, Ryan Reynolds, in 2010.

Don’t get me wrong, Scarlett is a smoke show but I think she has some crazy in her. I’m still coping with the fact that she dated Sean Penn. So weird. Then there was the leaked photos. [Read more…]

PSDC Smokin’ Hot 50

As compiled by the staff members of

Other websites have their lists but they are always skewed and biased. According to Maxim, Miley Cyrus is the hottest woman in the world. We all know that isn’t true. Instead of critiquing all of the lists out there, we decided to come up with our own list at

Don’t like our list? Tweet your comments to @ProjectShanks.

1. Mila Kunis- How could Mila not be No. 1? She is literally perfect in every way. Maxim listed Ms. Kunis at No. 4 on their list but we all know they do not know what they are talking about. I know this might be crazy but my favorite feature of Mila’s is her eyes. Maybe it’s just because I know she is secretly looking at me and we are destined to be together. If you happen to see Mila, give her my number and congratulate her for being No. 1 on the PSDC Smokin’ Hot 50 list. – Chris Stuckey

2. Brooklyn Decker- Oh, Brooklyn. You will forever be near and dear to my heart. Like most ridiculously sexy swimsuit models, I follow you on Twitter. But unlike every other ridiculously sexy swimsuit model, you follow me on Twitter. I know the day we met is a day you will never forget and to help commemorate that serendipitous rendezvous on Radio Row at the Super Bowl, you have been voted No. 2 on this prestigious list. – Chris Stuckey [Read more…]

Iron Man 3 Hits Theaters Today, Scarlett Johansson Not Included

Iron Man 3 hits theaters today. Will you see it over the weekend? Or will you boycott the film because Scarlett Johansson is not in it?