Why Joey Gallo Needs to Stay in the Big Leagues

By Lindsey Jones
Texas Rangers Beat Writer

There is a lot of talk these days on what the Rangers should do with Joey Gallo when All-Star and Gold Glove third baseman Adrian Beltre comes off the disabled list in a few weeks. While the easy decision would be to send Gallo down to the minors, considering he is boasting a .190 batting average, the Rangers need to look beyond the below-mediocre average and look at what Gallo has done to help them get back to .500 and how he could potentially help them catch the Astro’s for the AL West title.


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Texas Rangers Position-By-Position Preview: Outfield

By Derek Reed
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Current 40-Man Roster: Michael Choice, Shin-Soo Choo, Leonys Martin, Jake Smolinski

The Ranger infield has the talent to win without bringing in someone new. The outfield, however, is a different story. Two of the three positions have been claimed, but Texas still needs to add one more piece. They also need the two that are already in place to perform better. [Read more…]

Texas Rangers Bats Beat ChiSox

By Bob Cole
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

Colby Lewis registered the win as Texas Ranger bats lit up the White Sox for a 6-3 win Saturday night at Globe Life Park.

Every Rangers batter registered at least one hit, and Shin-Soo Choo and Alex Rios got three hits each during the outing. Prince Fielder hit a fourth inning home run off of Jose Quintana. Kevin Kouzmanoff homered off of reliever Jake Petricka in the eighth. Choo’s hits included two doubles off of Quintana. [Read more…]

Top 10 MLB Players Set for a Breakout Season, American League Edition

By Andrew Voght
PSDC Contributor

#10 Grady Sizemore
, OF, Boston Red Sox

This list is made for guys like Grady Sizemore, tons of talent and potential and for some reason or another the player hasn’t been up to this standard. For Sizemore, it’s been injuries that have derailed the breathtaking center fielder.

Usually I would add stats into this section to prove my case but from 2010 to 2013 Sizemore has played a whopping 104 games including two years out of baseball. So I can’t whole-heartedly post Sizemore’s last full season stats because that is over five years old. 
I can say that after beating out Jackie Bradley, Jr. for the starting center field job that Sizemore seems to be on redemption road. He will no doubt share time with Bradley Jr. and Daniel Nava, while keeping his knees fresh and ready to grind a full season. Expect 20-plus homers, 80-plus RBI and a whole bunch of spectacular grabs from Sizemore this season.

#9 Jose Abreu
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One Series Down for the Texas Rangers

By Bob Cole
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

The Texas Rangers completed their first series by taking the Philadelphia Phillies two out of three games in Arlington this week. After Opening Day, some fans, including one in my household, were wondering if the curse of Ian Kinsler would come true. However, the beauty of baseball is that they play 162 games every season. It might be better to evaluate them series after series.

Some got down on the Rangers because they lost the Opening Day game to the Phillies 14-10 with a score that looked like they needed a touchdown to win. These folks failed to look at the bright side of that game, and, with some reflection, there was a bright side. Despite giving of 14 runs, the Rangers scored 10 runs in a game started by former Ranger and Philadelphia Phillies ace Cliff Lee. One must examine the positives here. Plus, the big take-away from this series is not the Opening Day loss, but that the Rangers bounced back two nights in a row, and that they did not ever quit by lack of effort in any of the three games. [Read more…]

5 Texas Rangers Season Predictions

By Brendon Morris
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

One more day.

Only a handful of hours until longtime PA man Chuck Morgan takes the microphone in his hand, and introduces “Your 2014… Texas… Rangers!” as the club takes the field for the first real time this season.

It’s a different roster almost top-to-bottom, and they’ll play like a different team than we’re all used to. But when you look at the personalities on the team, we can all but expect the same endearing, good-guy Rangers we’ve all learned to love. [Read more…]

Texas Rangers Bullpen Stock Watch

By Brendon Morris
PSDC Writer

Pain wasn’t something I really understood as a kid.

I never had many injuries and really didn’t have any emotional hits zero in on me, so I got lucky enough to not to experience what I consider true pain until 2011, my sophomore year of college.

That was when Neftali Feliz was a strike away from winning the Rangers their first World Series, and the team let it slip away. Then they took the lead, and lost. Then they went to Game 7, and lost again.

It was like Hulk Hogan just took a folding chair to my chest, and at that moment in time, I understood how important a bullpen was despite being an offensive-minded former baseball player.

It seems like these days you can either have the bullpen or a potent offense in the MLB. Rarely can teams put together both at an elite level, and the Rangers have struggled with doing that in their most recent seasons. [Read more…]

Texas Rangers Extend Ron Washington Through 2016

By Clay Ihlo
PSDC Texas Rangers Correspondent

Any employee is pleased to receive a vote of confidence from the person running the show and Ron Washington should feel pretty good about inking an extension through 2015 with the Texas Rangers.

To an extent.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This new one-year addition for Washington sends a clear message. Jon Daniels approves of his body of work, and rightfully so, but if certain things don’t happen in the next two seasons, someone different could be making out the lineups in 2016. [Read more…]

Jon Daniels Has Worked His Magic This Season, At Least On Paper

By Brendon Morris
PSDC Contributor

It was mind-boggling to watch all the dominos fall this offseason in Arlington.

Nolan Ryan was shown the door, Jon Daniels took the stage by himself, and has since delivered the best lineup (on paper) that this franchise has ever had.

“Wait. Did he say “Best team that this franchise has ever seen,” or did I misread that?”

Nope, you got it right. JD has delivered in his first offseason as the head honcho.

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

With that, I’ll provide the disclaimer that most avid baseball fans are already yelling at me: World Series are won in October and November, not December and January. If you don’t get that saying, go talk to our friends in Toronto and ask them to explain it for you. Their tail will tuck between their legs as they pull out postgame recaps from 2013, a year that they were pegged to win it all from the get-go. [Read more…]