Sons Of Anarchy’s Final Ride: Jax’s Fate, The Unwritten Rule and More

By Reid Kerr
PSDC Offensive Coordinator

There is a part of me that will really miss “Sons Of Anarchy” when it ends next Tuesday. And then there’s another part of me that sort of looks forward to sleeping better on Tuesday nights from here on in.


With one episode left to go, last week’s show was heartbreaking, but not really surprising.

By the way, since people online can’t seem to help rushing to spoil things for people with full DVRs, I’m leaving plenty of spoiler space for my predictions. [Read more…]

TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Charming Region

TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Charming Region continues…


#1 The Sopranos vs #2 Friends

Another No. 1 vs No. 2 matchup as Tony and the rest of the family take on six of our favorites to ever appear on a TV screen. Who will make it to the Final Four? You decide.

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TV Bracket Sweet Sixteen: The Charming Region


TV Bracket Sweet Sixteen: The Charming Region begins now…


#1 The Sopranos vs #5 Lost

The juggernaut that is The Sopranos continues roll. Can Lost find a way to upset Mr. Tony and Company? You decide.

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#2 Friends vs #14 Justified

Justified continues to play the role of Cinderella but a Sweet Sixteen matchup against our favorite party of six could spell trouble. Who prevails? That’s your decision.

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TV Bracket Round of 32: The Charming Region


It’s the Round of 32 in the Charming Region…


#1 The Sopranos vs #9 The Big Bang Theory

Tony Soprano vs Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory gets ratings now but can it matchup with one of the all-time greats?

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TV Bracket Round of 64: The Charming Region Continued

Click here for the first half of the Charming Region, featuring The Sopranos, True Blood, Friends, Sons of Anarchy, and more!


#5 Lost vs #12 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The 5/12 battle features a show all about mystery, paired with a show with hilariously none at all. Lost was a network phenomenon, a rare show with a sci-fi twist that draws and sustains a sizable audience on a Big Four network. Whether you loved or hated the ending, you watched it and talked about it for weeks, trying to unravel the other mysteries of the show. On It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, there are no mysteries. Every character is pure id, they say and do exactly what they’re thinking, even when it’s stupid or inappropriate. In fact, especially when it’s one of those things. The show has a loyal following, and an attitude that with every show, no one knows what to expect. – Reid Kerr

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TV Bracket Round of 64: The Charming Region


The time has finally come. You have filled out your bracket to the best of your ability and you’re primed to begin the elimination process. The Round of 64 voting begins…now.



#1 The Sopranos vs #16 True Blood

There’s a lot of blood spilled in this matchup of HBO’s titans. The Sopranos changed the way we watch TV, going to a pay cable channel to root for a bad guy and his terrifyingly inept family. We were willing to wait months and years for the story to unfold, and even stuck through the non-shocker at the end to follow the family. True Blood came on years after the Sopranos finished, but the campy Southern supernatural soap opera gave us plenty of sex, violence, and darkly funny moments amongst the terror. – Reid Kerr

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Sons of Anarchy Season Finale Sparks Outrage (Spoilers!)

By Darreck Kirby
PSDC Writer

It was a relatively uneventful season finale on Sons of Anarchy, teasing the possibility of a sad, yet appropriate ending that was too good to be true. Even as Jackson reconciled with his estranged wife, agreeing to accept the blame for the illegal guns that led to the shocking school shooting and the subsequent deaths of four children, and allowing Tara to take both their sons and get as far away from him and SAMCRO as possible, you couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling that the swerve was fast approaching. That swerve took form in a murder so violent and, ultimately unnecessary, the internet all but exploded.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you should stop reading now. But, if you wish to continue, such is your choice. [Read more…]

The Five Television Shows That You Should Be Watching

By Brady Brown
PSDC Contributor

If you are anything like me when it comes to television, and Lord help you if you are, you’re DVR stays at about 50 to 60 percent full most of the time. In all fairness, about 15 percent of what is on my DVR is something that either my wife recorded and will never, ever, ever (Taylor Swift reference) watch, or they’re movies that I recorded for my daughter than I think she will enjoy watching. The rest is all me, numero uno, the king of the remote in my castle.

1. The Walking Dead [Read more…]