SNES Classic: Proof Nintendo is Leading the Way in Nostalgia

By Darreck Kirby
Project Shanks Creative Director

While no one would argue that both Sony and Microsoft have long since left Nintendo a distant third in an industry it used to dominate, the gaming giant does appear to be leading the way in one, very important category: nostalgia.

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5 Actors Who Should Play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie

By Darreck Kirby

Despite its efforts to bring Naughty Dog’s immensely successful franchise, Uncharted to the big screen, Sony has routinely been forced back to the drawing board. But, with the recent additions of Shawn Levy, producer of Stranger Things, in the Director’s seat, as well as Tom Holland of Spider-Man Homecoming being cast as young Nathan, things finally appear to be turning around. Hopefully, the other shoe doesn’t take long to drop and we get our leading man to play Nathan Drake. Who might that mythical casting be? Here are a few suggestions…


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Microsoft Hits a Stand-up Triple with Xbox One Debut

By Matthew Cafaro
PSDC Writer

With all due to respect to Michael Grace-Decosta’s column on Xbox One, which you can find here only on Project Shanks, it and he, and some “hard core” gamers around the interwebs are not embracing the reality of the situation when it comes to purely gaming consoles.

That reality is: they’re not selling.

The Wii U, which doesn’t possess nearly the amount of non-gaming applications that the Xbox 360 has had for years, is a colossal disappointment for Nintendo.

As was the 3DS.

As was PlayStation Vita for Sony.

What has made the Xbox 360 the top-selling console over the last two years, even overtaking the last generation’s titan, the Wii, in monthly sales figures? [Read more…]