It Is Still Baseball Season

By Joe Hines
PSDC Staff & Chicago Guru

Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I’m a Cub fan. (everyone) Hi Joe.

Photo Credit: USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today

By now you are all familiar with the history. 107 years without a World Series championship. The black cat. The billy goat. (Which is an awesome Chicago tavern if you are ever in town)

Bartman. Poor kid. It wasn’t his fault. Get over it Cubs fans. The error on the double play ball by Alex Gonzalez opened the floodgates on that chilly October night. And Mark Prior’s weak mental makeup. [Read more…]

The Day Steve Bartman Lost His Favorite Team

By Matt Carpenter
PSDC Writer

I will open this wound because Steve Bartman deserves it. He deserves a lot for his infamy, his persecution and his vilification. In the realm of professional athletics, he’s truly a victim: the sports’ fan poster child for the “life’s not fair” cliché.


The 2003 NLCS was my biggest disappointment in a lifetime of sports’ fandom. It hurt worse than any Bears’ loss, including Super Bowl XLI and the 2011 NFC Championship loss to the hated Packers. Worse than MJ’s first retirement or standing 50 feet from him when Nick Anderson stole the ball and took it the other way, setting the stage to ruin the storybook ending of his 1995 return.

2003 is the only one that still really hurts. [Read more…]