Texas Rangers at the Trade Deadline

By Lindsey Jones
Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys Writer

The Texas Rangers find themselves in an interesting position after today’s 4-3 loss to the Kansas City Royals. They are currently 16.5 games back in the division and 3 games back in the wild card race to the Rays and Yankees. The Rangers have several impending free agents, including Yu Darvish, Andrew Cashner, Jonathon Lucroy, and Carlos Gomez, many of whom would be coveted by contending teams should the Rangers decide to sell. They also have veterans such as Mike Napoli, Cole Hamels, and Adrian Beltre who teams would also likely be interested in.

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Are GMs Letting Their Own Egos Run Their Teams?

By Justin Broyles
PSDC Writer

The MLB trade deadline has come and gone and there were several blockbusters. Jon Lester went to the A’s and David Price went to the Tigers. But the thing I found most amusing was how each team seemed to be making the trades because the GM wanted to be seen as the ballsier guy.

This first started when the Oakland A’s traded for Jeff Samardzija early in July. Everyone was saying the A’s were all-in, that Billy Beane is the riskiest GM in the business and the team was going to win the World Series. Well, that wasn’t all Billy Beane did. He added Jon Lester on Thursday and that same type of talk continued. That apparently didn’t make Dave Dombrowski feel good. [Read more…]

Reaction to the Jon Lester, Yoenis Cespedes Trade

By Matt Conley
PSDC Contributor

July 23, 2007: Jon Lester made his first start back from treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in Jacobs Field against the Cleveland Indians. I was in attendance that day. Lester went six innings, giving up two runs. The sheer feat of seeing a man coming off cancer treatment turning in that kind of performance against the eventual AL runner-ups would be enough to make a fan out of anyone. As a Red Sox fan, I certainly didn’t need any reason, but that was the start of the love affair most Sox fans had with Jon Lester. [Read more…]

MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

By Andrew Voght
PSDC Writer

1. Boston Red Sox

Added: Yoenis Cespedes, Allen Craig, Joe Kelly, Eduardo Rodriguez, Kelly Johnson, Edwin Escobar, Heath Hembree and a player to be named later (from Chicago Cubs)

Lost: Jake Peavy, Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes, John Lackey, Stephen Drew, Andrew Miller, Felix Dubront and competitive balance pick (to Oakland)

Outlook: The Red Sox gave up very little considering that Jon Lester has come out and said he will resign with Boston this offseason. The addition of Cespedes to the outfield with Allen Craig allows not only a strong and upgraded outfield but the ability to release Shane Victorino at the end of the season.

The Red Sox dropped a lot of dollars in a season they knew was about to be terrible, but the main point of these trades was an unbelievable addition to the starting rotation and suring up the outfield for the 2015 season and beyond…damn, Red Sox! [Read more…]

MLB Trade Deadline Roulette

By Justin Broyles
PSDC Writer

It’s the MLB All-Star break and this is the time of year where rumors go flying around about who will get dealt. Where will they go? What will teams give up to get superstars? And with the rumor mill up and going, I thought I’d take a look at possible trade targets and where they may be playing in the next few weeks.

David Price


David Price is the biggest fish in the trade deadline pond. Every contender can use him but not every contender can afford the price the Rays have put on him. After what the Cubs were able to get from the Athletics for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, it will take a king’s ransom to pry Price from the Rays this month. It’ll take most likely two top prospects, one good prospect and a throw in. Add that to the fact that the team that trades for Price will have to take on a huge salary and the pool of possible suitors falls to one team. The Los Angeles Dodgers. They have the prospects to get a deal done and they definitely have the money to pay him. The Dodgers don’t necessarily need a rotation upgrade but adding Price would make that pitching staff unbeatable. So if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Price wearing Dodger Blue in a few weeks. [Read more…]

NBA Trade Deadline: Much ado about Nothing?

By Matt Rogers
PSDC Fantasy Sports Expert

For weeks there has been tons of speculation that some big name guys may change teams at the NBA trade deadline which just passed at 2:00 p.m. CT. Well, none of that happened. Pau Gasol is still a Laker. Rajon Rondo is still a Celtic. Greg Monroe is still a Piston. Luol Deng stayed with the Cavs after joining them a few weeks ago. There really weren’t any big names to change zip codes.

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Here is a quick look at the trades that did happen and their impact.

Philly and Cleveland

The 76ers sent Spencer Hawes to the Cavs for Earl Clark and a couple of draft picks. Hawes was having the best year of his career and his overachieving helped dampen the 76ers attempt to tank this season. Oops! As punishment he was shipped off to Cleveland where most careers go to die. He’ll be packed in a front line that already includes Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson, Tyler Zeller and last year’s No. 1 overall pick, Anthony Bennett. Meanwhile the 76ers get more draft picks and another warm body to man the wing and help them drop in the standings. [Read more…]