Reports: Rachel McAdams to Join Cast of True Detective

By Chris Stuckey

Only a few days after HBO announced that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn would be the headline duo in the second season of True Detective, another big rumor has surfaced. The female lead of Reid Kerr’s favorite movie The Notebook, Rachel McAdams, will reportedly play the same role in the sophomore season of the HBO dramatic series.


After an epic first season which seems nearly impossible to top, HBO is swinging for the fences. Not only is Rachel McAdams gorgeous, she has an equally awesome resume. I mean really, who doesn’t love The Notebook? If you say you don’t, you’re lying to yourself. [Read more…]

Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell To Star in Second Season of HBO’s True Detective

By Chris Stuckey

The news we have all been waiting for is finally here. Are you ready?

On Tuesday, HBO announced that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell will star in the second season of their award-winning “don’t call us a mini-series” drama, True Detective.


Here is the official HBO Press Release: [Read more…]

TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Springfield Region


TV Bracket Elite Eight: The Springfield Region begins…now. [Read more…]

TV Bracket Sweet Sixteen: The Springfield Region


The Sweet Sixteen continues…

Springfield Region


#1 Breaking Bad vs #5 The Office

Walter White vs Michael Scott. It’s two drastically different shows with the ability to make deep runs in this tournament. Meth or paper? It’s your choice.

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#6 24 vs #15 Parks & Recreation

The improbable run for the No. 15 seed Parks & Rec continues. Can Jack Bauer knock the glass slipper off of Cinderella? Your vote will decide.

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TV Bracket Round of 32: The Springfield Region


The Round of 32 continues…

Springfield Region


#1 Breaking Bad vs #9 The Wonder Years

Walter White would go all Heisenberg on you if he knew you voted for The Wonder Years. Luckily, these polls are 100 percent anonymous.

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#3 Mad Men vs #6 24

Don Draper or Jack Bauer? Old school versus bad ass. You get to decide.

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#4 Family Guy vs #5 The Office

An animated adult comedy takes on a mockumentary. The Office crew led by Michael Scott is a slight favorite over Family Guy and its patriarch Peter Griffin. Let the voting begin.

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#7 The Shield vs #15 Parks and Recreation

The genres are quite different but a winner still needs to be determined. Can Parks & Rec follow up its first round upset of The Wire with another upset to continue its Cinderella run? You decide.

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TV Bracket Round of 64: The Springfield Region


The time has finally come. You have filled out your bracket to the best of your ability and you’re primed to begin the elimination process. The Round of 64 voting begins…now.



#1 Breaking Bad vs #16 True Detective

If this matchup were five years in the future, this is a potential title game. Unfortunately for True Detective, the show only has one (spectacular) season under its belt…Breaking Bad had five. It remains to be seen if True Detective can keep up the pace without Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, especially when compared to the performances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Heisenberg won’t leave any half-measures here. – Tommy Guastaferro

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TV Bracket Round of 64: The Springfield Region Continued

Click Here for Part ONE of the Springfield Region, featuring Breaking Bad, The Wire, True Detective, Mad Men, Family Guy, and more!


#5 The Office vs #12 Saved By the Bell

Ah, the classic 12/5 upset. This one could go either way…and if you look at it, The Office is just an adult version of Bell; Michael is Mr. Belding, Jim is Zack, Dwight is Screech, Pam is Kelly, Oscar is Tori. The Office gave two and half seasons of great television, with six and a half mediocre-to-subpar seasons. Saved by the Bell gave us five seasons and two feature films of pure, nostalgic cheese.  I think nostalgia wins out here, although it’s hard (that’s what she said). – Tommy Guastaferro

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