Saved By The Bell is Back on TV and Better Than Ever

By Chris Stuckey

Jimmy Fallon is one of the best things to ever happen to late night television. While doing a few shows in Los Angeles, Fallon gathered up the some of the original Saved By The Bell cast members to give us the best eight minutes and 11 seconds we’ve seen in quite some time.

If you love Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie and Mr. Belding like I do, you have to watch this video at least once…or maybe on repeat for the rest of the day. Enjoy. [Read more…]

Sons Of Anarchy’s Final Ride: Jax’s Fate, The Unwritten Rule and More

By Reid Kerr
PSDC Offensive Coordinator

There is a part of me that will really miss “Sons Of Anarchy” when it ends next Tuesday. And then there’s another part of me that sort of looks forward to sleeping better on Tuesday nights from here on in.


With one episode left to go, last week’s show was heartbreaking, but not really surprising.

By the way, since people online can’t seem to help rushing to spoil things for people with full DVRs, I’m leaving plenty of spoiler space for my predictions. [Read more…]

Arrow Season 3, Episode 3 – “Corto Maltese”

By Matthew Cafaro
PSDC Writer

Aside from possibly interesting foreshadowing with Ray Palmer and why he really wanted to buy Queen Consolidated (which we’ll touch on in a minute), or as he’s calling it, “QC,” this was yet another episode that dealt with a lot of set-up for the season. Over the first three episodes, the Arrow writers have been maneuvering our characters into place, to what end? We don’t yet know. But there are some hints.


The first hint is that John Barrowman is a fully-fledged cast member, so the odds are he’s going to be a very big part of this season outside of his training Thea to be a secret ninja (more on that in a minute). [Read more…]

Arrow Season 3, Episode 2 – “Sara”

By Matthew Cafaro
PSDC Writer

How will Oliver & Co. handle the fallout of last week’s staggering ending?


We begin with Felicity, Roy, and Ollie descending into the “Arrow Cave” (I hate that name, but for lack of a better one, there go I) and having meaningless chit-chat only to find Sara’s broken body on a table, and Laurel, covered in her sister’s blood, in a state of shock. [Read more…]

Arrow Season 3, Episode 1 – “The Calm”

By Matthew Cafaro
PSDC Writer

The premier episode in the third season of Arrow quickly fills the audience in with the obligatory, “Last time on Arrow…” montage, followed by an in media res beginning of the well-oiled machine that is Oliver & Co. doing what they do best: taking down the bad guys who have, “Failed this city!”


It’s a whip-crack beginning to a solid, if only slightly disappointing, episode of Arrow. The direction, camera work, and above all, the stunts and fight choreography are still as good as we remember them, which is what separates this show from the other comic book shows also currently on television. I read an interview with Marc Guggenheim (one of the creators) on TV Line and he mentioned that they want to create one-hour movies every week, which is an excellent way to describe episodes of Arrow. Even in those weeks when the plot or character development may not be up to Arrow’s usual par, the technical aspects are always top notch and better than anything on TV not named Justified or Mad Men. [Read more…]

Pardon the Tears – Tony Reali: The Virgil of Life’s Transitions

By Michael Conway
PSDC Writer

Before Dante begins the journey that encompasses The Divine Comedy, before he enters Hell, before he even meets Virgil, he is but a traveler “in the middle of our life’s journey” finding himself in a “dark wood.” Dante is literally meandering through a circle of trees, and he is also metaphorically lost in a clump of confusion. He has no idea how he wandered into this situation, and less of an idea on how to get out. It takes the guidance of Virgil to lead Dante through a vast array of hideous punishments and horrors so that he might begin an ascent out of the darkness.

The opening line of Inferno is a wonderfully rich depiction of a feeling endemic to being human. It is a sentiment that has been returned to again and again in the centuries since Dante composed the Comedy because it’s so easy to find oneself hopelessly turned around in a wood for just a few moments or for an extended period of time. It is uncomfortable, annoying, frustrating, disconcerting, alarming, and downright frightening. It’s also a simple fact of life that such obstacles will be encountered.

The Virgil’s of these moments are critical. Once committed to the journey out of the wood—whether it’s into Hell or somewhere else—the content and adventures of the journey take center stage. In the case of Dante, the spectacles in Hell assume greater prominence even as Virgil remains his guide and fount of information. But without Virgil, there is no journey. There is no next step—just more aimless wandering. Virgil provides direction and when you’re walking with purpose to a specific place or point, you are no longer truly lost.

Around the Horn - September 16, 2013

Tony Reali, the host of ESPN’s Around the Horn and until recently “Stat Boy” on Pardon the Interruption, is one of the most important Virgil’s of my life. From a studio in Washington D.C., dressed impeccably in clothing that hugs his thin frame sensibly, topped by thick, black, gel covered hair, and armed with a broad smile, Tony has ushered me through the dark woods of life. [Read more…]

The Simpsons Guy – The Simpsons – Family Guy Crossover

By John Baggett
PSDC Pop Culture Guru

I grew up on The Simpsons. For 25 years I have watched this show and remember its glory days fondly and continue to watch simply out of nostalgia. I can pretty much say the same thing about Family Guy. Both can be listed amongst the greatest TV animated shows of all time but both are kinda past their prime. The Simpsons remains amusing and Family Guy continues to go for the shock laugh but the quality has dipped over time. (How South Park is still consistently funny is amazing to me.)


So, naturally the fanboy in me was excited about the crossover episode that opened up season 13 of Family Guy, titled “The Simpsons Guy.” The episode made headlines for first being a thing and then for making a rape joke that offended some people. Naturally the joke stayed in because it already made the rounds online and that’s the humor Family Guy goes for. And in the context of the show the joke actually works. [Read more…]

Reports: Rachel McAdams to Join Cast of True Detective

By Chris Stuckey

Only a few days after HBO announced that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn would be the headline duo in the second season of True Detective, another big rumor has surfaced. The female lead of Reid Kerr’s favorite movie The Notebook, Rachel McAdams, will reportedly play the same role in the sophomore season of the HBO dramatic series.


After an epic first season which seems nearly impossible to top, HBO is swinging for the fences. Not only is Rachel McAdams gorgeous, she has an equally awesome resume. I mean really, who doesn’t love The Notebook? If you say you don’t, you’re lying to yourself. [Read more…]

Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell To Star in Second Season of HBO’s True Detective

By Chris Stuckey

The news we have all been waiting for is finally here. Are you ready?

On Tuesday, HBO announced that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell will star in the second season of their award-winning “don’t call us a mini-series” drama, True Detective.


Here is the official HBO Press Release: [Read more…]

Alaska News Reporter Quits Sensationally on Live TV

By Chris Stuckey

Have you ever quit a job? Have you ever quit a job and made sure everyone around knew that you were quitting? I don’t fall into either of those categories but I’m sure you or someone you know does. Grand exits are glorified on television and in the movies. Well, I think we may have found someone who tops every bombastic you have seen, heard or even read about.

Check out the video below… (NSFW language)

Her name is Charlo Greene and she is a reporter for KTVA news in Anchorage, Alaska. The above video was a live following her news feature on the Alaska Cannabis Club. If you need a transcript of what she said, here it is… [Read more…] TV Bracket Championship


We have reached the Championship of the TV Bracket. The last two standing are Breaking Bad and Cheers. Editor-in-Chief Chris Stuckey will be making the case for Breaking Bad and resident Funnyman Stephen Thomas is arguing for Cheers.

The voting box can be found at the bottom of the page. [Read more…] TV Bracket Final Four


We have reached the Final Four of the TV Bracket. Who will reach the championship? Vote!


#1 Breaking Bad vs #2 Friends

This Final Four matchup pits two titans of their respective genres. In one corner, Breaking Bad, the dark comedy/drama that owned pop culture for the last three years. Across the ring, Friends, the perennial 90’s comedy that spawned dozens of imitators featuring characters sitting around a table, cracking wise. Breaking Bad is the more recent cultural phenomenon, but Friends was a trendsetter in its time also.

Breaking Bad’s finale was the biggest thing on television since the Sopranos finale, drawing 10.28 million viewers. Friends? The NBC show averaged double that for it’s entire run, including 52.5 million viewers for “The Last One.” In the end, both shows gave the culture exactly what it needed. In Breaking Bad, viewers saw a dark, irresistible turn from high school teacher to murderous drug crimelord. Friends may not have been so obviously ground-breaking, but it was subtly part of the culture for a solid decade, most of that in the top five. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Friends ratings actually went up and it became the #1 show.

As much as Breaking Bad captivated our attention, it never spawned a hairstyle, a “How YOU doin’?” or a million Chandler impressions. Just
sayin’. – Reid Kerr

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#1 MASH vs #2 Cheers

So the Bracket Challenge is down to the Final Four, and our first matchup is Cheers vs M*A*S*H*. This is not a surprise matchup, as anyone over the age of 35 who knows anything about sitcoms would likely have both of these shows at minimum in their top 10, most likely top 5. It’s also intriguing because both shows writing staffs were headed by the legendary sitcom writing team of Ken Levine and David Isaacs, who not only helmed these two juggernaut shows, but also Frasier, as well as Becker and of course Almost Perfect (Thank you! Thank you!). I reached out to Mr Levine, and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions about these two shows, which might help potential voters out there decide. – Stephen Thomas

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