Project Shanks College Football Week 1 Review

By Aaron Hyden
PSDC College Football Contributor

A very newsworthy first week of the college football season is now in the books, and before our eyes can look ahead to the second week, we have to look back at what we’ve learned from the first set of games that took place across the country. From the players to the teams, and everything in between, here are the biggest takeaways after college football’s first week, in no particular order.

Photo Credit: USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today

1. A few early contenders for the National Championship struggled in their first games. Even in victory. TCU, Baylor, Michigan State, Auburn and Oregon were all ranked in the top 10 to start the season, and even though they all came out victorious, none of them had an easy road to get there, and questions popped up left and right. [Read more…]

Fantasy Fallout: Week 2 Review

By Matt Rogers
PSDC Fantasy Football Expert

It’s me again. Back to let all you know who was responsible for your dominance during Week 2 of the fantasy football season. I am aware that I was a bit long winded last week. That was in part due to being completely jacked up about the opening weekend of NFL action. Of course, I also wasn’t sleeping well due to watching the Wrecking Ball video. Maybe a dozen times was too many. At least, that gave me some extra time to look at stats, think about opening weekend and plot some adjustments for Week 2.

This week, I promise to avoid all Miley Cyrus coverage and pledge to do my best to be as informative as last week in a more concise manner. Take a look back at my Week 1 review to know the basis for my review. I won’t go through that again. What I will do is hit you with the weekend’s MVP team, tell you who was missing in action and then take a look at a random assortment of other players before I close out by reviewing some of the warning and recommendations I offered up following Week 1.

I am playing in six leagues this year. That is my limit. For opening weekend, I was unfortunate to face two teams with Peyton Manning as their QB. Thanks to those losses, I got off to a slow start with a 3-3 finish. I made a few adjustments and avoided being brutalized by the scheduling gods again, running my Week 2 record to 5-1. So far I am 8-4 this year and have avoided the dreaded 0-2 start in all but one league.



Aaron Rodgers: This one was almost as easy as last week. I started writing up at half time of the Packers-Redskins game because it was clear Rodgers would not be stopped. He posted a weekend leading 35.80 fantasy points with ease. This should remind all fantasy owners why Rodgers is the best of the best amongst QBs. He can easily hang 30 plus on any team at any time. [Read more…]

Fantasy Fallout: Week 1 Review

By Matt Rogers
PSDC Writer 

Week 1 is in the books and many fantasy owners around the world sit, hungover, scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong. Meanwhile, many others walk around basking in the sunshine of their brilliance.

Being a fantasy sports addict, I have enough teams to have spent the past couple of days in multiple states of wonder. Wondering what went wrong. Wondering how I pulled it off. Wondering how nobody else knew what I did.

Thus is the nature of fantasy football. So, I’m here to either help people pat themselves on the back or to rub salt in the wounds of their defeat. This is my look back at what happened in Week 1, while also gazing into my crystal ball to hand out some free advice about the weeks to come. Just remember, with free advice, as with anything, you get what you pay for.

I need to pause briefly to disclose where I get my numbers. I play in multiple leagues each year, all in Yahoo. The scoring systems we use vary a little, but not much, from one league to the next. I only play in leagues that use IDP. So don’t look for any analysis regarding Team D. I generally hate kickers and will not mention them again. All of my numbers will come from the primary scoring systems used in my oldest keeper league and the percentages of ownership I list come from Yahoo. Here is the scoring system I’ll be referencing:

Offense: Passing Yards = 1 Point per 40 yards; Rushing & Receiving yards = 1 Point per 15 yards; All TDs = 6 points; Receptions = .25 each; 2 Point Conversions = 2 Points; Interceptions and Fumbles Lost = -2 points. 

Defense: Solo Tackle = 1 points; Asst. Tackle = .5 points; Sacks & Forced Fumbles = 2 points; Interceptions and Fumble Recoveries = 3 points; Passes Defended = 1 point; Blocked Kicks = 3 points. 

All Kick and Turn Over Return Yards = 1 Point per 30 Yards.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, where oh where do we begin? How about we begin with the overall weekend MVP? It shouldn’t take much to figure out where this award goes. After all, this guy ended most of his opponents’ hopes for Week 1 before the weekend even arrived.

Top QB Performances:

Peyton Manning destroyed the Ravens on Thursday night and rewarded his fantasy owners with 53.42 points. Peyton is owned in 100% of Yahoo leagues and was sure to be starting on some team in any league with more than 10 owners. I was personally unfortunate enough to face him in two of my leagues and knew I had no chance of winning those week one match ups by the time I went to sleep. Peyton’s fantasy points almost doubled the points produced by every other player in the league. Any time your fantasy QB nearly doubles all other players, you’re in good shape to win. [Read more…]