NFL Week 8: Gatorade Bath Edition

By Jay Cox
PSDC Writer


It’s Tuesday, which most likely means you are hungover and tired from staying up for MNF. If you aren’t, you ain’t living right. We had blowouts early, drama late and Mighty Dallas going down. Let’s break down this week in the NFL so you’ll be nice and educated beside the water cooler.

Broncos are good

Like you needed me to tell you that. This is a very complete team and right now, barring a massive injury, my money is on them to win the Super Bowl. Why? Because they remind me of Seattle last year. Pretty good away from home and un-freaking-beleivble at home. These guys are gonna be hard to beat. I like the Chargers also. I think they are a damn good team but unfortunately for them they are in a division with the unstoppable Broncos. [Read more…]

Fantasy Fallout: Week 8 Review

By Matt Rogers
PSDC Fantasy Football Expert


Damn son, Week 8 was rough. I was lucky to escape with a 4-2 record. I have to admit, one of those wins was a surprise. I had chalked up a loss entering the weekend because I was playing a couple backups at RB due to injury and byes. Then low and behold, Matt Stafford and that beast named Megatron went off. Instead of losing, I scored the most points of the weekend and took over first place in that league.

By the time the curtains fell on Monday night, five of my teams sat in playoff contention. Unfortunately, my weak team took another loss and is damn near done at 3-5. My best players are lost to injury and it is a low activity league. So there is no salvation for that team. It makes it easier to figure out which league to withdraw from next year. My 4-4 team isn’t far behind. Another loss there and I’m on the way out.

Anyway, that’s enough about my success or lack thereof. Week one of the bye week gauntlet is in the books. I hope you found some gems to lead you through. Now we have another killer week with six teams out of action. As with last week, this will either sink some teams further into depression, or allow them to steal a win against a shorthanded team and keep hope alive. Surely the trade deadline looms in your league. This is your best chance to make a move or two if you plan to do anything this year.


Even though we had a pair of QBs throw for five TDs and an emerging secondary WR haul in an unprecedented four TDs, I have to tip my hat to the guy who had more receiving yards than damn near every team in the league this weekend. Calvin Johnson is a complete and total beast. I really want to thank Dez Bryant for lighting a fire under this guy. It greatly helped my fantasy team this weekend.

Sean Lee continues to make his case for Defensive Player of the Year and is now the leading IDP scorer in the league. Here is a scary thought. Lee is doing all of this without having even gotten to the QB. He is a tackling machine that may be the best cover LB in the game at this point. He has four INTs and six passes defended and his next opponent is coming with another weak passing attack. You may salivate now.

Here is your Week 8 MVP Team. [Read more…]