NFL Week 9: Nothing Crazy or Awesome Happened Edition?

By Jay Cox
PSDC Writer

My apologies for the blah title but I don’t think there was one “holy crap that was crazy” moment from this weekend. If I am wrong, you are more than welcome to correct me but this weekend was just good ole fashioned football. Nobody went through a table or karate kicked a guy or got into three brawls, nope. This was just football this week. Let’s get to the action.

NFC South wins a game

The Saints won Thursday and they weren’t playing at home! Why is this so special? THE NFC IS TERRBILE, that’s is why! The only reason the Saints (an NFC South team) won is because they played… another NFC South team. I’m shocked both teams did not find a way to lose. I do not think that is possible but trust me these teams could find a way. [Read more…]

Fantasy Fallout: Week 9 & 10 Review

By Matt Rogers
PSDC Fantasy Football Expert


Greetings folks, I have returned. I know you missed me and I apologize. It couldn’t be helped. Sometimes you just have to take a break and enjoy life. That’s why I didn’t get you a review of Week 9 or offer up any assistance for Week 10. Have no fear. I have returned to take a look back at the past couple of weeks and will try to offer some assistance for the stretch run. First, you know I have to brag on my teams.

In Week 9 my teams went 4-2. Then we ran up a 5-1 record in Week 10. That puts me in first place in two leagues, third in another (but four of us have the same record), third outright in another, sixth in another and bringing up the rear is my one injury riddled, suck ass team sitting in 10th. Overall, I have nothing to complain about. Of six teams, I have five in playoff position with two or three lined up for first round byes.

Now we all stand at the starting gate of the final three-week run to close this thing out. Four teams still have byes, but they are spread out. The trade deadline for most leagues is this coming Friday. This is it. This is your last chance to make a move. The middle of the pack will separate over the next three weeks. There is little time left for comebacks. The time to sink or swim is now. I wish you all the best of luck.

Now, let’s run through a quick review of the past two weeks and jump into finding you all some help.


Week 9 MVP

Nick Foles pretty much set the world on fire this week and is opening eyes around the league. He almost matched Peyton Manning’s Week 1 fantasy output, falling just 0.34 points shy. Had I actually written this following Week 9, I may have cautioned you to proceed slowly before jumping on the Foles’ bandwagon. After seeing his follow up performance in Week 10, it is clear Foles is for real and Vick should put his Philly house on the market. I fear what this means for the Cowboys in Week 17.  [Read more…]